I thought I already went to school.

Again I am not sure if this should be posted as it is a bit of a rant. Unfortunatly I had not the forsight to make myself more anonamous so that on occasions such as these I could hide from the consiquences. But No, I had to use my first name and post pictures of my lovely children (They are lovely aren’t they.) and thus making myself and possibly my children suseptable to backlashes.

My two older tweedles are in school. They love their teachers and have some really great friends. That being said I think my school is lacking. My children have at least 1/2 hour of homework to do everynight (or what the teacher assumes would be 1/2 hour). Then on top of that my son are supposed to read for twenty minutes. Then there is my second son who is having issues (doesn’t do his work at school) so now that he is so far behind we are doing his daily schoolwook (mostly math) at home as well. Then there is the homework my oldest teacher has assigned to me. Apparently she thinks that we don’t talk enough so now we are to do “Reflections”. Tweedle D is given a topic to write about, then he brings it home for me to read and I have to write my own childhood experiences concerning that topic. Like I don’t have enough to do already. There are some nights we don’t get to bed before 9:00pm and we are still behind. Keeping in mind that my kids need to be in bed by 8:00pm at the latest or they are bears the next day.

Yesterday Tweedle D had a math test. They sent home study sheets for them to do. We had a week to “practice” He wasn’t getting any of it. He did the homework but when I looked back the homework was just busy work. They weren’t applying principles. Plus the study sheet was using terms that they hadn’t used in the homework so it was like doing a months worth of math in a week because he had to learn all of the new terms. It’s not that I didn’t know what I was doing. I did. I just don’t think that I should have to teach concepts that should be taught already. Granted my son chats and may have missed the in class examples but I have been told that if the teacher doen’t have enough time to go over certain principles it is now my responsibility to teach those at home. I don’t have a teaching degree. (I almost did but I switched) and I wonder with all the time I spend “teaching” them at home, if I shouldn’t be doing home schooling. I’m already pretty much doing it with Tweedle E as he doesn’t get anything done in class.

Now I know teachers have it rough (well some of them do) They have umpteen children under their care with varing backgrounds and abilities. Some kids have issues greater than Tweedle E’s but I get so crazy when they have so much homework that there isn’t time for them to be children. I really don’t know how other families can have their kids in piano, hockey, soccer, tennis and still get their homework done. The thing is the kids in 3rd grade and up are “punished” if they don’t get their homwork done regardless of wether they undestand it or not. Heaven forbid if parents have other commitments that require their time because those kids will loose an opportunity to participate in a fun reward.

I’m not about to pull my kids out of school just yet, but I don’t want to let this slide either. Parent teacher confrences are comming up and I need to be my children’s advocate but I don’t know how to tactfully say this is too much. My kids are going to hate school before they are even out of elementry. Basically thay are being graded on wether or not I have the time to help them get their homework done.


3 thoughts on “I thought I already went to school.

  1. Coming from a teaching background, I think you should tell the teacher exactly what you just wrote. Don’t worry about tact. Explain you are frustrated that you do not feel the concepts that your children need to succeed are being taught in class and they are struggling as a result. That also being said, if this is a function of the teacher him/herself you always have the option of switching to a different teacher, no matter how far into the school year you are. (I did that once myself).

    I just did a teacher conference myself and had to say that the report card I got home first quarter for Thing One surprised me so much I had to look at the front again to make sure we hadn’t gotten someone else’s card by mistake.

    Those kinds of things really need to be talked about openly, forget about politcal correctness…but then that’s just my opinion. (That being said I don’t think homeschooling solves anything…I think homeschooled kids get the short end of the stick, also JMO)


  2. I agree with Kris. Forget tact. Just lay it out there. I mean, you don’t want to be insulting or anything (you still have to deal with the teacher for the rest of the school year), but the amount of work the kids are doing at home is ridiculous. I understand that teachers say there is so much expected that they just don’t have time to teach it all in school. But they need to get the important stuff at school. Homework should be a *review* of what they have learned that day, to reinforce any concepts. Not to teach them new concepts.

    And as far as giving the parent homework???? That teacher is freakin’ nuts! Sounds so granola and “let’s talk about our feelings”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, either, but since when did elementary school become family therapy?

    Also, feel free to use your blog as a place to rant. Don’t feel guilty about it. That’s what your blog is here for, right? To just lay it all out there? That’s what I use my blog for. Then again, maybe that’s why I don’t have a whole lot of readers… they’re all sick of my ranting and complaining. 😉

  3. Al, You know how I feel. You’d do great homeschooling your children. It’s so much more efficient (doesn’t take all day) and they can work at their own pace. When they get something you go on and if not then spend more time on it. We have so much fun with all we do and the boys are really excelling. If you want to get serious about it, I can help you get started. Love ya. Natalie

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