Downward Dog

Today is the day. I am taking my first yoga class. I need to strengthen my mind body connection. Actually its something to get me out of the house once a week so I’m not stuffing my face everyday (just six days a week). Its a special yoga class for new mommies. We get to bring our kids, so yay I don’t have to pay for child care. I have some fears though.

1. I’m not flexable. I mean it. Its a stretch to straighten out my legs when sitting. I was assessed and I’m in the 10th percentile for flexability.

1(a) I’m afraid I won’t be able to do the poses

1(b) I’m afraid that the poses will hurt.

2. Have I mentioned that my child is puky? I have a fear the I will spend more time cleaning up “spit up” then actually doing something. What a waste of money that would be. I can clean up puke in the privacy of my own home for free whilst stuffing my face full of halloween candy. Ahh thats the life.

3. I have had some pretty rancid gas lately. It has followed me around when I try to pretend its not mine. I am afraid that there are some poses that make you “fluff”. I don’t want anyone thinking I am gross plus the toxic fumes might kill someone.

4. I don’t know where the profile room is. I hate not knowing where things are. I missed a whole week of a class in University because I couldn’t find the classroom. Consiquently I didn’t want to go so I ended up dropping the class. I’m more mature than that now, I think.

Well gotta get tweedle 3 ready. It starts in half an hour. Wish me luck.


5 thoughts on “Downward Dog

  1. I heard that there is a LOT of “fluffing” at yoga, so I wouldn’t worry too much. Besides, just do what I do… blame it on the baby. hee hee. There’s gonna be other babies, too, so ten bucks says everyone will be doing the same.

  2. It went well and as I suspected I was the lest flexable and had to use the most aids. It turns out that I have the most “damage” to my spine because I have had three children. Tweedle 3 is the oldest in the class and cosiquently the giggliest. Lucky for us spitting was at a minimum. I noticed that I need a pedicure or less ugly socks. We didn’t get many poses in because the babies started to need attention so they got to do yoga. Tweedle 3’s favorite if “Baby is so tall, Baby is so big.” He laughs and laughs. I love that some of the “baby yoga” is quite similar to baby massage.

  3. Namaste. I hope this class turns out to be just what you and the little one need. Yoga cures a lot of what ails me, only I don’t seem to do it nearly as much as I know I should so I’m always back at the “I’m not flexible” stage. As for your other concerns, I’m with Twomittens — you won’t be the only one and no one will notice.

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