3 & 4 months

Well life has been so busy that I haven’t had time to post my three month post. so I’m going to do a combination.

Tweedle 3 has been with us for 4 months now. I have really enjoyed him and have been surprised at how much love and peace he has brought to our home. He is such an easy going baby and I’m grateful for that. He only cries when I take too long to feed him. The boys love hugging and holding him. Its so great to see the love.

Tweedle 3’s amazing talents have expanded to laughing out loud and eating his fist. There are times I am nursing him and he will pop off just to suck his fist. He still only likes to face out when he is carried and should you dangle (intentionally or not) something in front of his face he will grab it. I’ve lost some hair that way. He also rolls over from front to back.

Tummy Time

The babe has also found his voice. This thanks giving he was heard telling of Oma’s ceiling fan. This talking has also prevented him from falling asleep some nights. I used to be able to just lay him down and he would fall asleep, but not so now.

edited: He is back to his regular sleeping habits thank goodness. Now my family will live at least until christmas.

His body has grown to a point that he is no longer comfortable in a carrier seat. We had adjusted the straps and he was still not liking the seat. He would cry everytime he was put in it so we had to buy him a new car seat. Ahhh much better, but now where do I put him when I grocery shop? Thank you Baby Bjorn.


edited: Today he had his 4 month vaccinations. He weighed in at 14 lbs and 8 oz.(48 percentile) His height is ove 25″ long (75 percentile). He had 3 shots and I had one (Flu vaccine) my other tweedles won’t be so excited about having to get their flu vaccinations. I can’t wait to tell them.


5 thoughts on “3 & 4 months

  1. What a sweetie!

    I’m SO glad he’s sleeping better. Guy Smiley is sleeping less than he did as a newborn, thanks to the teeth and the ear infection. I can’t wait for him to get back to normal!

  2. Man that kid is cute! Glad that he has been such a joy for you. I got your email.. a little late. We Sooo would have come to trunk or treat.. talk about perfect opportunity to come and visit.. alas. I get my ultrasound done tomorrow and am quite looking forward to that. I will be 20 weeks next week.. yeah half way there… or wait panic I am half way there.. anyways.. we miss you guys and Ethan’s freyja hugs… I will have to frequent your blog much more often 🙂 Thanks for keeping in touch. Its nice.

    hope to see you soon ( We have been going to the family leisure center lately for F.H.E Swimming nights.. its 10dollars for the whole fam… if you are in ever we are to

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