The Metamorphasis

This weblog was suposed to be a place where I could be thoughtful and philisophical. A place to download the things that I have noticed in society. A place to express my views as a somewhat conservative, educated, woman, mother, sister, friend, citizen. I occasionally post about things political but not too political. Sometimes I like to debate but most of the time i am posting about something one of my children said or Food. Yes I guess this is a “mommy blog.”

I am somewhat dissapointed with myself. I wanted to shout from te mountain tops that I am more than just a mother (all be it a profound and important profession). The fact that I have been blessed with the ability to procreate should not change how I or others look at me. But it has.

I see things differently especially because I had boys. If I had not had these children I might be better off financially. I might have been able to be in house (a huge dream of mine) l may have travelled (Italy Greece and Egypt) I may have gone on to get my masters or something but I didn’t. I got married when I was 24. I had baby #1 when I was 26, #2 at 28 and #3 this past June. How could that not change me?

I now notice how some women treat men and it saddens me. I am all for women’s rights, but not at the expence of other’s rights. I still notice things in our community that could be changed, improvments in government and social issues, but i don’t post about that. For some reason I try to keep things light and funny. Sometimes I even fail at that. My last year (pregnancy) was all about the puke and the whine. I appoligize. However on my blog stats the words “gag” and “puke” are my #1 searches. Either I have a following of pregnant ladies that are having trouble with their moring sickness or some bulemics looking for a support group. Either way thanks for stopping by.

I guess what I am trying to say is that right now in this moment i am a mother and the things that are most important to me are what happens to my family. I need to accept that and move on. Besides I have 3 kids and one is an infant, who has time to really philosophy (yes I used it as a verb, it sounds better when you pronounce the “y” as a long I instead of a long e). Aak who am I kidding?

4 thoughts on “The Metamorphasis

  1. I have no delusions on what my life is at the moment. 3 kids under 3 is its own special insanity. I consider blogging an outlet for myself (the good and the bad) and no one else has to read it if they don’t find anything of interest.
    I do find a lot of satisfaction in reading other ‘mommy blogs’. It somehow helps to know I’m not the only one. Misery likes company? Maybe. It also likes a kindred spirit. Puke and politics and pizza pockets and all!

  2. Sounds even better if you make it a proper verb by using the “ize” suffix (I’m just sayin’).

    But don’t let that fool you that I’m not on your side. I can’t help being who I am either. Neither of us should apologize for being who we are.

    But I still do, all the time.


  3. I have been thinking this same thing lately. Last week we went bowling with Chuck’s office and one of the coordinators asked what my career was in. When I told them I was at home with the kids, you should have seen his face. It was bewilderment and pity.


    He wanted to know how I felt about giving up my career. I told him that I was fine with it because I was the one who chose to give it up. I’ve realized though that when someone asks me about this I almost always feel compelled to justify myself by explaining that I plan on doing something after the kids get older.

    I don’t need to justify my choice by saying that I haven’t actually chosen children over career because I plan on going back to it. I need to be firm that I am happy with being a mother first and not qualifying myself to anyone else’s standards.

  4. I can’t remember if I gave myself a cool code-name but I wanted to say that I totally agree sometimes modern activitsts take the angry approach to “positive” change. I don’t think that bashing the other group or spraying a fur-wearing-chic with paint or setting something on fire makes the world a better place. Let’s try the small and simple things like being nice to the people you encounter, and respecting teaching and loving your family. Smile.

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