Finally Somebody Said It!

There is a reason why I don’t read as much as others. There is a reason why I don’t watch much T.V. (Lately). There is a reason why I don’t go to many movies. The reason is I get too invested in the characters and begin to blurr reality. When I watch a show or read a book and something happens, I can’t stop thinking about it. I am emotionally tied to the characters.

So when Alex on last nights episode of Grey’s Anatomy said to Izzy “I’m embarassed for you.” “You said it was too soon after Denny, you weren’t ready.” I wanted to shout “YES!” I have been thinking about that since George and Izzy got drunk last season and did the deed. So Many times I have wanted to post “Raise your hand if you think Izzy and George are stupid.” Then in turn I wanted to slap the writers because I really liked the Callie and George and Izzy and Denny story lines and then they had to go and make my favorites my least favorites. (Could that sentance be any longer?) Anyway I just wanted to say thank you Alex for giving her a “what for”. It shows that the writers are at least a little concious of their mistake and we can go back to the good stuff. The thing is after something like that you can never go back.

I said I was too invested and now you know how crazy I am.


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