More of The Same

So yesterday was our municiple election. I voted. I was 1 of the 20% that did. That is sad. Consequently we are stuck with pretty much the same regime. I don’t get it. Most of the poles I heard about say that Calgarians aren’t happy, but I guess they thought “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” or the other 80% didn’t care. I’m sad. I may not be so sad if the voter turn out was the other way around and this election really represented the people. It almost makes me want to be apathetic. Almost but not quite.


One thought on “More of The Same

  1. At least you were part of that 20%. I agree that it is sad when people don’t exercise their right to vote. It seems to be greatly taken advantage of – I think many have forgotten all that was sacrificed to be able to vote and have a say in who our leaders are, etc.

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