Thank God for Wikipedia

On October 15th we are having a municiple election. As always I am going to vote but trying to make an informed decision is very hard. Thee was only one debate where all the candidates for mayor were invited and I didn’t attend. The news has chosen to only supply flashy sound bites which in my opinion isn’t news at all. It is terribly hard to even find out who all is running and (this is the trick) what their platform is. Thanks to Wikipedia I got some answers. Maybe you can too. Please go out and vote


2 thoughts on “Thank God for Wikipedia

  1. I voted yesterday in our (Ontario) provincial election. It was kind of stupid. I knew the incumbent would win, so I voted for him, even though he’s not from the party I would support for this election. You would think, then, that I would have supported the proposed change to the way Ontario elects its government, since the proposed way would give voters one vote for an elected representative and one vote for a party. But no. That system is inherently flawed and I could not support it.

    Anyway, you are lucky to have found what you were looking for on Wikipedia. And exercising the right to vote is something we all should do. Congratulations to you for wanting to be an informed voter and actually doing something about it!

  2. Wikipedia has helped me out so much – I would never have thought to look there for that kind of info though.

    I agree with Karen – Congrats on being an informed voter and actually doing something about it. 🙂

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