It’s Hard To Say Goodbye And Let Go

Six Years ago we moved in to their lives. For Four of those six years they lived above us. We have shared many meals, birthdays, births, graduations and vacations. Today the last of their troup starts their journey on to a big adventure. They are moving to New Zealand.

It all began with a little blonde boy who had a facination with my little brown boy. They became fast friends and soon both families became one or as close as you can without being blood, married or adopted. Our eldests are pratically brothers for they have been since they were two. Even their teacher said they exhibited sibling like behaviors.

Yesterday it finally hit Dakota that David wasn’t going on vacation. He got a little sad. At the end of school they had a brief conversation that went something like this:

Dakota: I’m coming to the airport to cry tomorrow.(says with a smile)
David: Really?! I hope you can. That would be great.(with a smile just as wide)

Meanwhile the moms were trying to keep it together.

I’m not doing so well right now though and in 2.5 hours I’ll be a little worse. Really I am excited for them and a little envious. It’s going to be such a big adventure. I am sad too because it’s hard for someone like me, I rarely make friends and now she is moving away.

In a short time I will be loading up my brood and we will head to the airport. We will laugh at our tears. We will hug and say goodbye. Then we will leave and hit Tim Hortons to drown our sorrows in some Timbits.

I guess I could look at it like this…”that in another part of the world there is somone who loves you.” Who knows, they might move back. It could happen. It did 3 times before.


3 thoughts on “It’s Hard To Say Goodbye And Let Go

  1. So sad! It really does sound like your two families have been one. I hope Timmy’s is able to help you cope with the divorce.

    (Too bad about this thing called money because a trip to New Zealand would be amazing. I was just looking at my friend’s photos on facebook. Wow.)

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