Ey Columbas. I’m Givin’ Thanks

Gone to the in-laws to OD on some tryptophan. Have a good Holiday everyone and remember to pace yourself, we have a few more eating holidays to get through before we make our resolution to eat better next year.

Easier said than done! Gobble Gobble.

Later Days


3 thoughts on “Ey Columbas. I’m Givin’ Thanks

  1. Out of curiosity… do you guys celebrate 2 Thanksgivings? We do. Mmmm, turkey. By Christmas, however, we’re ready for something different. So we have started eating steaks for Christmas. Odd? Yes. Traditional? No. Except now it’s traditional for our little family! 🙂

  2. Oh please please eat double in honour of me. Monday will be just another day around here — Paul has to work. I’d make a pie just because, but I’ve fallen off the eating well wagon and trying not to make things worse. 😛


  3. Guess what??? I signed into WordPress today, and THIS post was one of the “Hawt Posts” or whatever it’s called under the Food catergorie on the home page. How cool is THAT?? 🙂

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