Dead Skin Soup

I like to think of myself as a good cook. There are some meals that I am really good at and I can follow a recipe… or can I? The “soup” we were to have monday has all of the veggies I like and the smell was so good as it bubbled away in the slowcooker. Now in the recipe’s defence it said to cook in a stock pot and to use Savoy (green) cabbage, but Massimo (recipe inventor extrodinaire) said we could cook it in a crock pot and I took artistic licence by putting red cabbage in the soup instead.

Now my Husband is a man who does not like the brothy soup. He is more of a stew or chowder (nevr clam) kind of guy, but he will partake if there are noodles or crackers to “thicken” it up.

So there we were, a family, sitting at the table, Mr. Wondeful crackering his soup while rest of us were laughing at the purpleness of it. Then we took a bite. Gross!!. I don’t know what I could have done wrong but yuck!! Then Mr. Wondeful pointed out that his crackers, in absorbing the broth, had a purpley grey tinge to them that was not unlike the coulour of dead skin (or what we immagined it to be). I resorted to laughing at my miserable meal but made everyone eat because well, you know. Mr. Wonderful and I finished our bowls and the boys ate half. The rest was thrown out. Still hungry we commenced with our improptu second course: Ice Cream.

Now I can add Fall Harvest soup to the list of things I cannot and should not make.


2 thoughts on “Dead Skin Soup

  1. ewww, thanks a lot for those mental pictures! 😛

    I had a similar cooking experience last year in which I learned that broccoli is not a good addition to the crockpot. It ruined a perfectly good pot roast.

    (note: I’m not a complete idiot, I didn’t simmer the broccoli all day in the pot, just for the last 30-45 minutes, but it was enough to make it disgusting!)

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