My Meal Plan A Family Affair

This is what we are having tonight. Tomorrow we are having Salmon with green beans and rice. Wednesday is beef on a bun with slaw. Thursday is leftovers. Since we are out of town this weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving) I don’t have to plan for Friday Saturday or Sunday.This is my quest to be more provident in my living. I need to spend less time and money on our food without sacrificing quality. Half the battle is figuring out what we are going to eat, the other is getting everything needed in one trip. If there was such a thing a 3 halves (not thirds, thirds are too small) the third half would be getting someone to make it for me but right now we tag team when not using the slowcooker and Tweedle D is helping too.


2 thoughts on “My Meal Plan A Family Affair

  1. mmmm…I applaud you. I hate trying to figure out what to eat and then I’m always forgetting something when I get to the store. I will try to be inspired by your planning.

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