Money, Money, Money It Ain’t Funny

Last week was such a good money week. My stocks are up 15%* yippee. I finally got paid and I got my Child Tax credit retroactive payment for Tweedle 3. This week however not so much. My stocks are still up, but thats for retirement so no immediate fun there. My van needed new brakes so a big chunk there. My visa ouch! (Dentist, birthday present and all the stuff I had to cover whilst waiting for paycheck) It’s not like I don’t have the money to cover all of this, it’s just I had plans some of which was more retirement investing and pants that fit, also maybe a skirt. I ended up with only one pair of pants. I decided I will have to wait till next month for another pair so if you see me and I don’t offer my hand for a shake it’s not because I’m snubbing you. I do not offer my hands because both are occupied in keeping my pants up while the ones that fit are in the laundry. You think I’m not kidding don’t you. I don’t get out of the van anymore when I pick up the kids from school (unless wearing a dress) because I have to hold up my pants. Then there is the time I was carring groceries in both hands up my stairs and I could feel the waistband slipping. I barely made it behind the lillac bush before the trousers hit the ground. O.K. Maybe that’s funny.

*Please don’t think I’m a savvy investor and have lots invested. It’s so not the case. We will never retire on what I put away. I figure it’s the thought that counts.


2 thoughts on “Money, Money, Money It Ain’t Funny

  1. lol…such a great laugh at the end. I wish I had fall down pants….only when I was pregnant did I have the fall down pants, but they also came with the slip up shirt. Not very appropriate!
    May prosperity be with you! And lovely knickers too (for the days you’re wearing falldown pants)

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