A Big Hug From Huggies

So I got this package of diapers and by half way through the package I had 20 unusable diapers because the left tab was missing. I phoned their customer service line and they are sending me a coupon for a free package of diapers any size and a postage paid pre addressed envelope to send them back a sample. It is so great when a company backs up their products unlike Evenflo. Never ever buy anything from Evenflo, but Huggies(Kimberly Clark) is ok.


7 thoughts on “A Big Hug From Huggies

  1. I’ve had an experience with Huggies too…the tabs were all folded up weird and would rip off when you trie dto get them right to fasten the diaper side closed. You are very right…they are great…unlike Tempurpedic (and Evenflo)!


  2. Yay for Huggies! They are my favorite brand of diapers right now (I like the comfort fit). We had some for a while that split open on the outside so the cotton-y filling would come out. Only it wasn’t cotton-y anymore. It was gel. I never did get around to calling Huggies to complain about the wierd pack of diapers, but I’ve never had a problem since then, either.

  3. I’d like to find a diaper company that will come and clean up the poo that somehow finds its way out of the toddler diaper at nap time. I hate that!!

    p.s. not that it’s related to huggies, although we use them I don’t believe it’s a reflection on them specifically

  4. Spoiled children–complaining about disposable diapers! You should try using the old cloth ones for a week or two! Actually Most companies will back their products, and most companies will send you coupons wether you write a complaint or a compliment. Write a thank you after receiving you coupon from the complaint and you may get another. [A friend of my Mom’s used to do that kind of thing frequently–and got coupons all the time!]

  5. I would do the cloth diaper thing if I had the room and the time to keep up with the laundry. As it was yesterday I had to wear wet underwear because I needed somebefore I went to church and ran out of time before I could dry them. One should always wear underwear at church. I know TMI (too much information). Anyway the reason why I called them was because good money was spent and as it turned out over half of the diapers were unusable and I thought the company should know that they had sent out a shoddy product. I was not expecting any coupon based on my past experience with another company who shall remain nameless (Evenflo). I will however send a thank you note with the sample diapers. Thanks for the advice Allrie.

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