It’s 3 AM, I Must Be Lonely

So I had this crazy idea that I would make salsa this past weekend. I had booked a kitchen with larger counterspace and more burners in the anticipation of a group effort. Unfortunately, my group either double booked, forgot or just wasn’t into it as much as they thought. Fortunately they all backed out because my booking was bumped for a funeral.

So I got busy in my own home. My husband helped for a lttle while, but then we had house full of kids that needed tending since there wasn’t any school on friday. So while I was blanching, skinning, seeding, coring, and chopping tomatoes they were playing video games. I was a little miffed but somone has to keep the children occupied or they would kill each other. Then he went to work and I was left with a basketball team ond 2 half completed batches of salsa. My back ached and by midnight I started to hear the pop of my sealing jars.

Saturday I took the day off because I couldn’t look at another tomato.

Sunday I took off because if the Lord needed rest then so did I.

Then what started Monday has now turned into Tuesday and I have been working on these 2 batches since noon because tomatoes and ethylene gas wait for no one. and thats what happens when you’re alone and things need to be done like feeding a baby, laundry, dinner, haircuts (because of pictures), feeding a baby, and did I mention feeding a baby. Lucky for me he just picked a time (right now) to feed while the jars are processing. I should be done by 4:30 am. Needless to say Mr. Wonderful will be taking the boys to school and getting them ready because my eyes aren’t opening before double digits. Good thing he offered to do it.

Bottling is way better with a buddy, but it’s now 3:47 am and I am still lonely.


5 thoughts on “It’s 3 AM, I Must Be Lonely

  1. Oh I’m so sorry. Seriously, if there wasn’t a million miles between here and there I would have joined you! I even fell into a bunch of tomatoes last weekend. I considered making salsa but wimped out and did more pasta sauce.

    Not sure what to do with five pound bag of onions I didn’t use, but I’ll figure it out.

  2. if you had let me know, we would have been there in a second šŸ™‚ The salsa last year was awesome. I had to buy some last week and I have a dissapointed husband cause it isn’t as good.

  3. Whoa! Alyson you’re amazing. Look at you with three kids including an infant making salsa from scratch. Wow. As I tonight my family ate at Denny’s (I’m NOT kidding), I bow down to you.

  4. Next time come down here and we’ll do it together. I have been bottling applesauce, plums and beets. But then I don’t have kids in school or a new baby either. And the better half has been drying zuchini and onions. Wonder if we will have enough to last? If it freezes tonight, I wonder what I can do with a bushel of green tomatoes??

  5. Green tomaoes make green salsa, Heide–I’ve done it before.

    Canning is way better with a buddy or partner. When my older kids were small, my friend Karen and I set up her kitchen as our canning kitchen, and mine as our eating kitchen. It went on and off that way for weeks, at the end of which both families had a year’s supply of food. I doubt either one of us could have done it alone. And our husbands co-operated [not that we gave them much choice, really!] Kudos to you for going it alone!

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