Reason I changed to wordpress

Forgive me for my spelling an grammar mistakes, I am challenged in those areas. To make matters worse I am typing with one hand wilst nursing a baby.

As I have said before I am horrible at journaling. Blogging is the best way I know how. Its not for everyone. When I first started I was feeling guilty that I didn’t have a hardcopy. Thanks to Kerflop I became aware of this option thropugh one of her posts. Just follow her links to the company. The price seems reasonable so I’m going to go back and edit before I have a book of my own.


2 thoughts on “Reason I changed to wordpress

  1. So cool so cool so cool! I had heard somewhere that you could do that and I was so relieved (for the same reasons, journalling with no hard copy.) Thanks for the links!

    I need to do the same thing, edit posts before I print, and probably won’t start for a while. Maybe I’ll tell Paul that’s what I want for Christmas. Supercool! Thanks!

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