Dr. Dilema

I have a little one that is suffering from reflux. My family doctor is moving to DeWinton and the office is closed till the end of september. The older Tweedle’s pediatrition doesn’t have an opening until october. There aren’t any family doctors that are taking whole families that I could find and I don’t trust walk in clinics. I don’t know what to do. I guess I should just suck it up and try a clinic but past experience tells me that they don’t listen and prescribe the wrong thing, it has happened at least twice. Any suggestions because he throws up all day and it hurts him.


One thought on “Dr. Dilema

  1. Alyson, I have some ideas for you straight from our pediatrician here. Scrunt had the same problem up until about 3.5 months and it was terrible. I’d post it here but it is way too long to leave in a comment. Do you want me to call you and tell you exactly what we did? It was all completely over the counter and it totally worked…for Scrunt. Let me know…

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