Doctor, Doctor I Think I’m A Dog.

Doctor: How Long has this been happening?
Patient: Since I was a puppy.

Last week we went to the optomitrist, the two older Tweedles and I, to have our eyes checked. Tweedle E was first. He was in there a long time. Tweedle D started to wonder what was happening. After 45min I began wondering myself. Not long after that the optomitrist came out and asked to speak with me.

I followed him into the examination room and sat down.

“I think we need to see a specialist.” he says.

I started to tell him who we had seen in the past and for why, but he stopped me. “Not that kind of specialist. Let me show you something.”

He instructed Tweedle E to cover one eye, then he projected a huge “5” on the wall and asked, “Tell me what you see.” Tweedle E said “A five.” Then the doctor turned of the over head light and said ” Can you still see that five?” Tweedle E responded “No.” to the very visible “5”. Then, lights still off, he pulled up a letter chart and scrolled down to a row of tiny letters and numbers. Tweedle E rattled them off no problem. The doctor turned on the light and asked him to read the line. “I can’t” Tweedle E explained. Then the docotor turned off the light again and asked him to read it. Tweedle E then said he still couldn’t.

The doctor explained that his answers were so inconsistant that it was going to be too hard to tell what his eyesite really was. The specialist that we need to see deals with children and has other “methods” to figure out if he is seeing. He told me he would be in contact with that specialis and an appointment would be made.

Tweedle E and I left the examiniation room where he looked around and walked over to the reception desk and bumped into it. Then like a pinball he bounce around the room excaliming “I can’t see anything. Can I get glasses?”

What a waist of time.


2 thoughts on “Doctor, Doctor I Think I’m A Dog.

  1. What a little turkey! As a glasses-wearer I can’t believe he’s excited at the prospect. Some people’s children, seriously!

    (still laughing. That’s going to make me laugh all day.)

  2. Oh my. I’m so sorry you were blessed with a boy like that! My brother was like that. My other brother and I were afraid to touch anything in the dentist office, my other brother would squirt water across the room! I foresee my son being the same way.

    I can’t believe the doctor didn’t “see” through it. He is an optometrist after all.

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