6 Years

Tweedle E just had his birthday party at Chinook Bowladrome. They had fun and i think we may go back as a family to try.

Ethan Bowling

After the bowling we came back to our place for cake and ice cream. Tweedle e requested that i make a “Marble Blast” cake. Marble Blast is a game that is on our mac mini. It has ramps and jumps.


I cannot make icing and it shows, but he liked it and thats all that matters.

Marble Blast Cake

One of his favorite presents was a Laser sword. He loves to use it all the time.

Laser Sword

As of now his favorite Movie is Power Rangers. his favorite food is pizza and his favorite colour is gold.


One thought on “6 Years

  1. Looks like a great and succcessful birthday. Yay for Tweedle E!! 🙂

    Aiden also loves Marble Blast. He plays it all the time and has even got Dallin hooked on it. Anytime they see Ches’ computer they start in on the “I want to play Marble Blast Gold!” chant.

    We really need to get our kids together. They are so much alike, you’d think they were related!!

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