Out of the loop

I wonder where that phrase came from. It would be interesting to know. Maybe it came from someone who practised the art of embroidery or maybe a fisherman making a net. What other loops are there? How about a sailor tying a knot. Well no matter where it came from “Out of the loop”, is where I have been. The loop of the inter”net” that is. (Pun intended. I know lame!)

It’s been down and I’ve been out, living that is. Its amazing how much time I waste reading what is going on in others lives, and parading mine for all the world to see. My house is so much cleaner. I said cleaner not clean. Don’t think I have gotten all crazy. I did however miss you all and it turns out a lot of you have been busy not posting much either. Hope things are going great.

My summer has been tres busy with birthdays and baptisms and renovating and blessings, I haven’t had much time for my friends that are local (and a little loco). If i had only remembered to charge the camera I’d have more pictures for you all to see.

Well gotta go as Tweedle 3 just passed out and when he sleeps so do I.


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