When you can’t get away

Well its another night with me, Tweedle 3, and Kenny. Since I am sitting at the computer right now, I thought I would update my pictures and maybe share what we have been doing the last little while.

About a week after Tweedle 3 joined us Mr. Wonderful took some time off (about 2 weeks). We decided to take a vacation at home. We visited the Glenbow Musem, The Calgary Tower, and we went Stampeding. Somewhere in that time we had a birthday party for Tweedle D. Here are some pictures of our adventures.

This was from an African Exibit. Can you believe the wear these om their heads. The mask looks so heavy.
African Mask

This was a “donation box” near the Warrior Exibit.
Chink, Chink

After spending a couple of hours at the Glenbow we decided to go to the Calgary Tower.
Calgary Tower

The glass floor


We came back later to watch the fireworks.
They were really a lot closer than they appear in my pictures. After the fire works the boys wanted to see the glass again.

I seemed to have reached a limit of pictres or something. You can see more on flickr but I will post specific ones about our adventure later.


4 thoughts on “When you can’t get away

  1. I think vacations at home are so fun. When I still lived in the Yukon I hit all the tourist spots on a regular basis. I try to do the same wherever I live.

    The glass at the Calgary Tower is cool. I will never, ever, get over the picture a friend of mine took, with her newborn lying there. Eek!

  2. How fun!! More people should play tourist in their hometown. I heard somewhere that the majority of New Yorkers have never been to the Statue of Liberty or to the Empire State Building. It’s nuts! Take advantage of where you live and live it up!

    BTW… any more forehead marks left on the Tower?

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! I have enjoyed catching up a bit (I’m sneaking in some computer time at my in-laws house 🙂 ). I love all the photos – tweedle 3 is absolutely adorable!

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