The answer is…

…Kenny Loggins contributed to all of the soundtracks. What is so great about Kenny Loggins? Well the is Highway to the danger zone, Footloose and Meet me half way to name a few but he also has the two best childrens CDs ever. I first got introduced to his “boy” CD about 12 years ago. If you do the calculations you will see that was before I had or even thought of having kids. A few years following he came out with his “girl” CD. I personally prefer the first one because I like the songs better.

Near the end of this last pregnancy I started to think of all the things that I hated about having small children. I don’t like watching kids shows, and I loath the annoying music that stays in my head long after it has stopped play (mares eat oats etc.) That particular song would even keep playing in my head while I was asleep. The thought of having to pull them out to soothe my new little on was making my ears bleed and nothing was playing.

Then the first night home where Tweedle 3 wanted to stay up ALL NIGHT, I was reminded of this CD by a post that Karen had that mentioned “The Last Unicorn”. Thanks to that CD all persons involved remained calm and were able to make it throught the next few nights. So should you be looking for music that both parent and child can stand check them out. If you don’t want to take my word for it check the reviews here or here. You can also listen to some samples at those sites.

A funny (interesting and maybe haha) aside: I was dating this guy shortly after I dicovered the CD and was going through his CDs. He had it and used it to go to sleep sometimes. He was able to re tape it for me as I had accidentally erased one side on the copy I had been given.


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