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As expected life has been a little crazy. I have wanted to write but everytime I sit down without the baby I get tired. So then I get up and go to bed. I did have a post I was going to do about my Cankles but Mr. Wonderful thought I was crazy and jenthemom would have been grossed out (she has a thing about feet). Then they went away so I didn’t think i should complain about a problem that no longer exists.

We have been a little busy this week and so I thought I would post pictures instead. Its a lot faster than recaping the last 2 weeks.

My Favorite Ethan and Jesse Picture so far

Ethan and Jesse Snuggling


Dakota and Jesse

Lynny and Jesse

The K #

Taya 3 Generation Picture

As you can see we have been very busy taking pictures. Maybe I’ll get around to commenting on what was going on, someday.


4 thoughts on “Photo Blog

  1. I think a cankles story would be funny — we’ve all been there.

    Wow, that Tweedle 3 is one handsome guy! Thanks for the photos even without the stories, what a cutie! I hope you’re doing well, I’m glad you’re taking time to yourself.

  2. Love the photos!! I think the only person I didn’t recognize it the little blonde girl. Who’s that? Otherwise… how fun! (We’re jealous of all the family. Yes, we know we are the ones who moved so far away. That doesn’t mean we can’t be jealous of family coming to visit).

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