4 days and nights.

We, tweedle 3 and I, have been home for 3 days now. I am presently typing with one hand hoping to be going to bed soon. In the hospital he slept from 1-4 am and had to be woken up to feed. Then he slept another 4 hours after that. I thought I was going to be the luckiest mommy on the planet. I guess I should have specified what kind o luck I had been counting on. Anyway this is the 4th night in a row where he has decided to be sociable and drink until 4:00am where I control the situation and bring him to bed with me. Who am I kidding?
He is totally running the show. The plan for tonight is to drop everything I’m doing and put him to bed the moment he is ready (hasn’t spewed and is asleep for 20 min). My clothes are dirty and I still have my make up on, but they are not coming off because I am going straight to bed. 4 more minutes, wish me luck.


6 thoughts on “4 days and nights.

  1. It was sunday, you know , Church. Theats why I had make up on. The sleep didn’t happen. I forgot about the diaper and he was in his bed fo five minutes before he peed all over himself and the bed. Mental note make sure his ***** is pointing south when putting his diaper on.

    Today I am taking slowly and easy. I’m relaxing between loads of laundry. We went through a lot of things last night.

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