Weekend Update

After kindergarten Graduation, I decided I would have the baby on Saturday June 23. I chose that day because it was filled with a lot of tasks I did not want to do. So I packed my bag. I then ordered some spicy take out hoping to bring on the pains. Nothing!

Friday we made plans to meet up with some family and go watcha movie. Everyone else in the city had the same idea. Evan Almighty will have to wait for another time. We ended up going out to dinner to the Redwater Rustic Grill. I had the salad and Mr. Wonderful had the Special, Wild Boar. Let me tell you special doesn’t always mean “on special”. Well he said it was delicious and I took his word for it. I would like to go again when I have more room in my body to enjoy something other than salad. By the time we got home I was having regular contractions. They came every 5-7 minutes and were getting stronger. I thought “Finally a child that will listen to me.” I decided if I’m going into labour I should get some things done while I can so I finished the service sheet for sunday, tidied the bathroom, did some laundry etc. and then went to bed because my labours are long and I am going to neeed all the energy I can store up. I woke up Saturday morning. Nothing!

So we wentt about our tasks, the ones I was trying to get out of, and suddenly a plummer was coming for a tenant and I had to be at home. He said he was coming at around 2:30 so I decided to take a nap. As soon as my head hit the pillow, at least that is what it felt like, the phone rang. He was there. So I rolled my wale like body out of bed just to get yelled at for not giving him a credit card number that I had already cleared up with his office. Yay! So after finally clearing up his misunderstanding and signing invoices we were back on the road doing our tasks. At about 5:00 we got some fun in that Mr. Wonderful had won tickets to a baseball game so went. Just so you know kids only last about 5 innings so we were so outta there. We decided to come back sans kids next time.

Sunday my family came to church for a visit and then left becuse one of the tasks for Saturday was paint my parents kitchen. Then we were invited for dinner to Chez Larsens, a nice place, kid friendly and has really good potatoes. I’d share the recipe but I don’t have permission.

Anyway, despite no baby, late nights ,and a rude plummer, the weekend went pretty well. Maybe next weekend we should take a different approach. Not so many plans may relax us enough to have this baby.

Just an aside:

Tweedle E comes running into his teacher this morning and says “Miss B, Miss B do you want to meet my baby brother?”

She got all excited and said “yes”.

Then he replied, “Good cause he is coming soon.”

Then I waddled in, and he was laughing because he tricked her. What a goober.

7 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. I keep checking to see if you’ve had that darn kid yet!

    Does Tweedle E know something you don’t? Does he know you’re having a boy? Or did I miss the post where you got an accidental peek at the latest ultrasound. 😉

  2. Funny kid!
    How are you feeling? Did I lose the baby pool? Are you actually past your due date on a third baby? Sending good wishes, no matter your situation.

  3. That is so funny…my E, Thing One, has learned the art of sarcasm of late. It makes for very interesting conversations. Here’s to hoping you are having that baby…darn it I lost your baby pool!


  4. CONGRATS ON THE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOT THE PICS ON BRIAN’S CELL TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. So who won the baby pool? is it inflatable? kidding. Congrats on #3! So thrilled for you… you just gotta post pictures on here… its killin me!

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