Kindergarten Graduation

I made it. I was tere for my tweedle E’s graduation. Now I can have this baby. This morning he came and woke me up and said, “It’s graduation day mom. It’s graduation day.” He has been looking forward to this for so long. He also kept reminding me how he missed his Christmas concert due to illness. He really wanted me there and I was glad to be able to do it.

Pleased as Punch

The program began with a tearful speach from the teacher, a video, and then the passing out of diplomas and medals. Of course I cried, I’m a ball of emotion and hormons right now and I also find it hard (at times) to see my kids grow up. After he got his medal they gave a performance (about 30min.) of some of the songs they had learned through out the year. Tweedle E kind of froze. He new the words but he wasn’t really doing the actions. That’s ok. He still was the cutest kid there.


We were asked to bring chocolate covered strawberries for the refreshments. Because I have neve made that before, and knowing if I don’t use the right chocolate it won’t work, I asked Mr. Wonderful if he could ask the chef what I needed to make them and where I could get the really big strawberries. She took pitty on me and said not to worry she would do it. The kitchen crew at the restaurant did a really good job. They were made with Lindt Chocolate and tasted so yummy. Yea for outsourcing.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

It was a good day and now that I have mostly packed my bag I am ok to go into labour.


8 thoughts on “Kindergarten Graduation

  1. I can’t believe that Tweedle ‘E’ has graduated from Kindergarten! The first time I met him he was a week old. Where does the time go?

  2. PM- I’m trying too.

    APril & ABQ- The strawberries were good and if you look closely in the picture you will see that there are some white chocolate pieces missing. I think Mr. Wonderful sneaked them.

    Doppleganger- Why do you think I cried? He is getting so big and sometimes I just want to cryogenically freeze him in his cuteness. He loves to be getting bigger so I don’t think it will work.

  3. Such a handsome graduand!
    How perfect in regards to the strawberries. You gotta love it when people are kind & thoughtful.
    Pack your bag…your body/mind will prob send this baby on it’s way soon, now that grad is over. Good luck!

  4. I’ve not been reading, so I missed out on the baby pool–but you made the graduation for your cutie, and could give him your [practically] full attention, so it is now time for baby, right? Wishing you well!

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