Cage The Rage

According to the news this morning, Alberta is under discussion of raising the drinking age to curb violence in the bars. Their target group is males 18 to 24. They want to raise the age from 18 to 19. Somehow I don’t think a year will make a difference. In fact I think age really doesn’t play all that big of a factor. What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Cage The Rage

  1. I think age can play a big part of it considering how immature a lot of 18 year olds are (but then some are mature, so who knows), but I don’t think a year will make a difference.

  2. I don’t think age makes that big of a different because if they’re going to drink, they’re going to drink. I’ll be honest, I think the lower drinking age is safer, at least they’re in public with people watching. If something goes wrong they’re more likely to get help in a bar than out by themselves in the bush.

    (Wow, can you tell I’m from the Yukon? drinking in the bush?!?!)

  3. I think that a year won’t make that much difference, but a few can. For example, I actually like that the drinking age in the US is 21. Gives everyone a chance to grow up a little.

  4. man, if i’d known the drinking age was 18 in canada when i was… um, wild and what not- i would have ducked past a mounty (sp?) and stayed for a few years. 😉

    (like you, i see little difference between 18 and 19.)

  5. They should raise the legal age to 21. That should be the age of majority. You can’t exactly raise the age of majority though when they have the right to vote, and fight for our country. Violence and violent crimes should carry extremely tough sentences. There should be zero tolerance for that sort of thing. Also hold the bars somewhat responsible for the fighting. I know that it sounds crazy but we hold them accountable for the how many people they can legally have in their establishment. We hold them accountable for smoking, as well as making sure that no one under the age of 18 slips under the radar. Something needs to be done.

  6. My problem with the age thing is that if you are a angry irresponsible drunk when you young chances are that you will be when you are older. I am not convinced that the issue is an age issue. I think it is more of an irresponsability issue and that can happen at any age. Maybe instead they should be asking those in the industry what some of the “triggers” are. They would probably know better than the task force of politicians, who are already patting themselves on their backs for their smart idea of raising it one year.

  7. Interesting discussion for many who are LDS. I drank up until 19 [almost 20] when I joined the church. It was part of my Italian culture–wine with meals. As a young child, it was mixed with water, slowly changing the proportions over the years. Illness often meant a rum toddy. My German side of the family drank their beer [personally–yuk!] Drinking to excess was not neccessary. I, personally, think that drinking age laws are not effective at all. If a person is going to drink, he’s going to drink. If he’s going to get drunk, he will. I don’t think drinking should be such a big deal, then perhaps binge drinking wouldn’t be a big deal…I don’t know, but all I can say, is from what I’ve seen in my own family. And drinking to get drunk was never a big deal–just dumb.

  8. When I was a teenager looking forward to turning 18 so I could drink, Ontario raised the drinking age to 19. Personally, it made a difference. I had to wait one more year than my friends’ older siblings to drink legally.

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