39 weeks and counting

Still nothing. 😦 I go to my Dr. today and she will probably tell me nothing is going on and then attempt to do a little “rimming” (irritate my cervix) for that is what she did last week. I had some contractions shortly after but nothing note worthy. I’m really not surprised.

I just hope any attempts to produce a baby will not work until after 11:30 am on thursday 21st because tweedle E has his Kindergarten Grad. I really want to be there. He wasn’t able to go to his Christmas concert due to illness so I really want to see what they have prepared for Graduation. Maybe that is why I still haven’t packed my bag.


3 thoughts on “39 weeks and counting

  1. I remember with Jacob I hit 39 weeks and could have sworn (with all the contractions I was having) he was coming any minute – he was finally born one day before I hit 42 weeks – I certainly don’t wish that on you. 🙂 But I do hope you make it to your boy’s kinder grad. 🙂

  2. I went to my Dr. appt at 39 weeks, we discussed the rimming, but I decided against it (too chicken). That was at 3pm. Baby E was born at 8pm. Whuhoooo!

    Happy Graduation to Tweedle E. He is too cute!
    I remember my kindergarten grad. Vaguely. It was a good time. Better than my high school grad.

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