Last Chance

This is your last chance to get in on the the once in a life time give away baby pool as it starts tomorrow. The following spots are available:

June 16 am, pm boy
June 17 am, pm boy and am girl
June 18 all
June 19 am, pm boy and pm girl
June 20 am boy and am girl
June 21 all
June 22 am boy and am,pm girl
June 23 am boy and am, pm girl
June 24 am boy and am girl
June 25 pm girl
June 26 (due date) all
June 28 am, pm girl
June 29 pm boy and am girl
July 2 pm boy and am girl
July 3 am, pm boy and pm girl
July 4 pm boy and am girl
July 5 pm boy and pm girl
July 6,&7 all

Than you to all 32 of you who have already entered. Remember there will be a prize.

And Just for your reading pleasure some random things heard around the house.

Mr. Wonderful: “It has to be a boy `cause I only shoot “ys” they penetrate the egg better.”

Me:“They are like lttle divining rods are they?”

Mr. Wonderful:“No little arrows.”

On the birth of his cousins baby girl

Mr. Wonderful: “Oh boy is Jeff in trouble, she is going to have him wrapped around her little finger.”

Me:” What if you have a girl?”

Mr. Wonderful:“Not going to happen. I only shoot “Ys.” That is why you are so fertile and I don’t have to deal whith the “x-factor”. ”

Me:*blink, blink* …”What?”

Do you see a pattern developing

An Email from my Dad

” 34 years ago a little girl was born to her mother 7 lbs, 16 oz at 7:30 in the morning on the 16th of June. I choose the 16th, am, little girl, I know it isn’t likely but wouldn’t that be great. 3 generations in a row. What would be the odds? Maybe Mark can figure out the probability.”

Good Luck One and all


6 thoughts on “Last Chance

  1. I would never wish you late – I have been there way to many times, ugh, so due date or earlier! 🙂 And as for boy or girl, from your husband’s comments (which had me rolling I was laughing so hard) I had best say boy. 🙂

  2. Umm, so LaDawn had her baby??? We hadn’t heard!! Anyway…

    I wanted to have more than guess, but Tim never mentioned if that was allowed in reply to my email with my first guess. I’ll email you another guess if I’m allowed (because I’m really, really hoping you get to go early, even though I know I guessed after your due date).

    Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 😀

  3. i’m not getting in on the pool, but i’m hoping for a girl. nothing is more fun that putting a wrinkle in daddy’s theory and when he finds himself wrapped around her finger, it will be all the more profound. 😀

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