When The Sit Hits the Fan

Tweedele E is very creative. He likes to make up his own language, he likes to make up words, and he likes to change words. Lately he has been replacing his “s” sounds with “sh” sounds. It hasn’t been too bad when the word ends in “s”, but when he is discussing upon which chair he will be placing his bottom, it doesn’t come accross so well. I have talked to him rationally for two days explaining to him why we don’t say that word, but occasionally he forgets. So basically Tweedle E has been “–itting” around the house for the last week. Its something we are still working on.


One thought on “When The Sit Hits the Fan

  1. heeheehee
    Did I ever tell you about when Little Red pronounced his TRs with an F? It was fine except out and he pointed out all the trucks we saw. He taught it to all of his little friends. I was the mother of that child.

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