The Word On The Street.

Apparently I am Giving Birth to:

a) A Synchronized Swimmer
b) A Tai Chi Baby
c) Professional Spin The Bottle Player

This baby doesn’t kick or punch like the other tweedles. It usually makes slow broad movements. Ocassionally there will be a massive movement where my stomach looks like its about to rocket of my body, but that is only when it is spinning around in my stomach.

Last Tuesday I went early in the morning to have an ultrsound to confirm baby’s position. To my surprise tweedle 3 was head down. A slight relief washed over me as I thought everything was ok and was going to progress as normal. Yippy, I don’t have to worry about c sections, or turning the baby. Then the sudden rush of disappointment came over me as I thought, “great now I’m going to go late like I did with the others and i was so hoping to have this one a little early.” Then I tucked that thought away and proceeded to my regular stance of denial and believing that I’m really not going through this. I’m not really pregnant. I’m not really going to go into labour have my unmentionables stretched and feel “The Ring of Fire.” All was well again.

Later that day I had a doctors appointment to discuss the ultrasound. The doctor came in and said we have to reschedual your ultrasound for two weeks later as the baby was head down but had “brow presentation.” Not a good birthing position I guess. The she proceeded to tell me that I have an unusually large amount of fluid which is allowing the baby to move a lot more so she wasn’t that worried and figured the head would get into position. Then came the exam. She found that the baby was no longer engaged with the pelvis and was slightly off to te side. She easily moved it back into the pelvis and went to get her doppler to take a heart reading. As she put the doppler down the baby made one of its massive movements and ended up transverse on the other side. So that day my baby was spinning counter-clock-wise as if on a wheel.

I have taken some your advise and have positioned myself for optimal heartburn (modifed downward dog, or pelvic tilt) to encourage head downess. I also play my ipod near my pubic bone hoping to encourage baby to swim that way. Some nights there are massive movements and I think I even had the head back up under my ribs at one point. That is one of my least favorite possitions as tweedle 3 then braces both feet on my hips and stretches out. Thankfully that didn’t last long.

I have another appointment in a few days and I will then be 37 weeks. Maybe I can catch a break. What do you think my odds are?


4 thoughts on “The Word On The Street.

  1. I was early. And my labour was fast and short. Would you like some of those vibes your way?
    For me, the anticipation was the worst part. Well almost.
    You’re so close. The end is in sight!!

  2. Hang in there, you’re doing so well! It’ll be over soon.

    Sending good vibes (but none of my labour vibes, you and I both know you don’t want my long labours.)

  3. I’ll send all of my going into labor early vibes to you. Of course, i don’t exactly have the shortest of labors, but then again they are cut short by having c-sections. So I’ll just send you the go into labor vibes and nothing else. šŸ˜€ Can’t wait to find out what comes out!

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