Gimmie A “C”

I went to the doctor today and found out tweedle 3 is breech. I will find out tomorow when I will be having an ultrasound to confirm the baby’s position. After that I will have another appointment to see if I want to try and turn the baby. If that doesn’t work then we will schedual a c-section. I have never had one so I’m a little scared. I am also concerned about turning the baby because it is only 53% effective for breech. So if any of you have some advice or knowledge in this area please share.

Other than that the baby is doing fine. Heartbeat at 140 again. Whatever that means.


9 thoughts on “Gimmie A “C”

  1. you will have to close your eyes for the ultrasound if you want to keep that surprise of yours! I will start sending my turn baby turn vibes your way!

  2. Alyson,

    Contrary to popular belief, most babies will turn themsleves into the correct position right before birth. Scrunt was transverse (laying on his side, head to one of my arms and feet to the other) until 2 mins before he was born then switch…he was head down. Thing One was breech again utntil the last minute. And if you have your baby manually turned (called a CMV or manual version I think), what is keeping the baby from going right back to where s/he was most comfy (most do!)? That being said, it can be quite painful for the mother too. I know this for a good reason…my cousin lost a child due to complications of this procedure. Please do your research about this procedure before consenting to it…I don’t want to scare you because certainly there is a place for this procedure in many circumstances but personally I would do a little research. I am happy to share my cousin’s story with you by email or phone if you’d like to know what happened there as far as what the docs don’t tell you can happen as a result of the procedure. Hers was a worst case scenario but it does happen.

    That all being said…WALKWALKWALK and get down on your hands and knees and do a little downward facing dog…lol..that tends to help the baby turn.


  3. I have to agree with Kris, a version is a very scary thing, and walking and being on your hands and knees (pelvic tilting will help, too) are the best you can do.

    Little Red went sideways on me at 36 weeks. I was in incredible pain and terrified that I’d have a c-section (haha, I did, but not for that.) I had read that chiropractors can help, but didn’t feel comfortable with just looking up some guy in the yellow pages. I knew about versions and felt like that was the wrong decision for our current situation. The final thing I had read was that some people can talk their babies into turning.

    It was free and safe so I tried it. That night Paul and I took turns telling him that as long as it was safe (because I didn’t want him crushing the placenta or anything!) he would be more comfortable and I would be more comfortable if he put his head down. Besides, it would make it easier when it came time to come out (again — haha.) The next morning he was back head down and stayed that way for the rest of the pregnancy.

    But if you need a c-section, take heart, as it is safer than ever before. I would suggest having a freezer full of pre-made meals for your family long after the RS meals stop coming. Even once you’ve learned how to stand and walk all over again, it’ll be a long time before you’ll feel up to cooking.

    (sorry for the novella)

  4. I don’t have any advice for you, but I do send my well wishes that baby turns and all goes well. We’ll keep you and yours in our prayers. 🙂

  5. Time takes too long when you’re waiting for answers. It’s hard! Breech…I agree about the manual version…too much risk involved & I believe that sometimes babies are breech for a reason ie: cord is wrapped & forcing them to turn only makes matters worse.. We faced that decision with R as he was breech for a while but did turn. There’s also a chiropractor that specializes in prenatal and ped’s who adjusts your pelvis so that baby has room to turn. My sister & I both see Dr. Hort. Also, there’s acupuncture…well it’s not really acupuncture cause there’s no needles but they do the treatment where they hold moxa near your toe and if the baby can turn it will.Sounds bizarre, but it works.
    Cesarean….this was such a tough decision for me as I’m a big advocate of natural birth for so many reason. But sometimes intervention is required. I was so scared of having a c-section. Shed ALOT of tears over the whole idea. And when the day came, there were more tears, because I was still scared…for both baby & me. But it went better than I could have ever dreamed. The staff were amazing. First they have you in a pre-op room on labour & delivery and ask medical history questions, start an IV, the lab takes blood, monitor baby and they tuck you into bed with warm blankets. The obstetrician and anethetist come and explain the procedures. Then you walk down to the OR and wait outside. When they take you in, your husband goes to get changed into scrubs and mask. There’s alot of people in the OR. Nurses, doctors, nursery staff, anesthetist, etc. While you wait they explain about the spinal and then insert the spinal. This was so scary especially because my husband wasn’t with me yet. But the spinal hurt less than the IV. Much, much less. Within about three minutes you are frozen from the chest down. You can still feel touch but no sensation. No pain. Once they help you to lay down, a catheter is inserted (don’t feel a thing) and they drape you so that you cannot see below your chin basically. The anesthetist stays at your head and talks you through everything. I was crying the whole time…nerves & scared. Felt like I was going to faint or be sick and the anesthetist talked me through it until my husband got there. B sat at my head, held my hand and talked to me about our next vacation (kept me focused on him & not so scared). I could feel them touching me and slight pulling & pressure on the top of my stomach but that was it. R was born at 410pm and I was in recovery by 424. It was so quick! Which is such a blessing. Once in recovery the nurse puts ice on you from time to time to check how far the freezing is still in. My sister was able to stay with me in recovery while my husband went with baby to the nursery. They take baby to the nursery to do all the regular tests. Then when a room was ready they wheel you down to your room and transfer you to your bed. I didn’t feel any discomfort in my abdomen until that night and only when I tried to move. I was given t3s for pain. By midnight the nurses had me sitting on the edge of the bed. By 3am the nurses had me standing. This was hard. Made me feel naseous & like I was about to faint so the staff didn’t push me any further & it was 10am by the time I was up, walking to the bathroom, catheter out and IV out by 2pm. I’ve been 4 days now. The staples are out of the incision and other than lifting and lying on my side in bed it feels quite good. Better than I expected. Throughout all this baby did well. They are more mucousy from not having gone through the birth canal but that only lasts a couple of days. Also, your first night baby is kept in the nursery and they bring him/her to you every two hours to feed as you’re unable to get baby out of the bassinett on your own since you’re still somewhat frozen, sore and have an IV & catheter.
    Like I said, I’m a huge advocate of natural childbirth, but sometimes there are just situations where assistance is a better option. I do hope your little one turns and that things work out in the best possible way for you and Babe.
    If you have any further questions, just let me know.

  6. Thank you everyone for your comments. Based on what I have read and your opinions my husband and I have decided to not go with the manual version. To many problems and not effective enough. If I’m going to have a section I would rather it not be an emergency. Plus Mr. Wonderful is out of town for a week and I don’t want to go through anything without him there.

    I will however keep trying to tilt myself and play music between my legs to get this babe to turn on its own. I read somewhere that I should maintain the positions for 15 min but my heartburn won’t let me last that long. There is something about a head pushing on your stomach (for that is where it is) that makes it hard for you not to have heartburn almost 24/7. This babe puts both feet on my hips and streaches right up into my stomach

  7. I don’t know anything about getting the baby to turn, but I do know a little bit about c-sections, seeing as I have had 3 with three different doctors, in three different hospitals, in three different states. The experiences were all a little different, and the recoveries were all a little different, too. However, there was a lot of the same things with all three, and it’s nice to have some continuity. Give me a call if you want me to blab on and on about it. Or if you just want to call and whine and complain a bit. I’m here for ya! 🙂

    Oh, and Heide does an amazing job of taking care of you after a c-section. Seriously. Just a little extra info if you want someone to come for a couple of days. (I found that I wasn’t done needing help after the first week… even though I kicked my mom out after a week!! I needed someone for at least 2 weeks. But that might just be me, too.)

  8. Allyson,
    I’ve had some experience with the whole breech thing. Will (my first) turned breech right at 36 weeks. Stayed there the whole time, not until a week before I was due did my doctor confirm my belief. By that point it was too late. He was huge, there was a ton of pressure from the fluid, a version wouldn’t have worked with him anyway. I tried the chiropractor thing but again too late. We scheduled a c-section because we were moving in a week and needed to give me as much time to recoop as possible.

    Syd cooperated and I was able to have a vbac.

    There has been much concern on my part about this baby being breech, but I’ve been told that it shouldn’t even be a spec on my radar of concern until 36 weeks. Most babies will usually turn around 36 weeks. I have a good friend that’s a mid-wife, she says that multiple attempts at a version aren’t uncommon. Most of the time they’ll schedule a version and if the baby does successfully turn they’ll induce you immediately. Yes some babies due turn back after a version but usually they’ll stay head down. Or they’ll just induce you.

    Best advice, pray and have your husband give you(and the baby) a blessing. If my baby is still breech in 2 weeks I’m going to be having attempts at a version, if not multiple attempts if needed.

    Good luck.

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