The Hills Are Alive…

…with the sound of moaning. Yesterday we got got back from our second annual may long weekend camping trip to the mountains. Yes, thats right at 34 + weeks I went camping in a tent and slept on an air mattress. I even went on a hike or two. Now I am paying for it. My back is sore and I am very tired. If I had to do it all over again I probably would do the same thing. I hate missing out on fun and I really wanted to be with my family.

Day One

We arrived at the site and set up. Mrs. Darcy and Mr. Wonderful made dinner while Mr. Darcy watched the kids and I set up beds. After a nutritious meal of hot dogs and fruit, Mr. Wonderful led the group in a bit of a sing-a-long. We retired to our tents at about 10:00pm

Day Two

We were coherced out of bed by Twin #1. He had escaped from the Darcy tent to come and have breakfast. He stood outside calling our names and asking for muffins, cereal or fruit. What a cutie. Mr. Wonderful and the boys quickly dressed and eased his hunger while I rolled around on the air mattress like a weeble trying to get some clothes on.

After Breakfast we decided to go to town and throw some rocks into the big lake. The water was higher this year. Quite a bit higher than I’ve seen in a long time. The wind was quite chilly at townsite so much so that Mr. Wonderful brought out a camping chair and Mrs. Darcy a yellow blanket, so that I could sit close to the kids and watch them. Mr. Wonderful made a comment while laughing that this was something that we did for my grandfather shortly before he died. Then he started calling me Grandma Dean. The rock throwing didn’t last long as the wind was so cold, so we went into a camp kitchen for lunch and started a fire in the fire place.

Because the men and boys wanted to go fishing we decided to look for a spot. So the caravan proceeded to Cameron Lake (which was frozen over). The males go out and explored. While I caught a catnap in the van. They returned with excited faces telling me about the breaking ice falling into a river. They apparently had a good time.

We next went to the falls. Then we went to the “diamond store” where the boys got to pick one rock or mineral to add to their collection. Still in need of some fishing we ended up back at camp where the males decided that they would hike 2.5 km to a lake that proved promissing last year. They took the older boys while Mrs. Darcy, the twins, and I started a fire and began dinner. The hunters returned wet, tired, and with two fish. Survivor has nothing on them.

We retired early that night only to be seranaded by an angry wind all night.

Day Three

The day started much the same way with the hungry pleading of a three year old, except it was much warmer and I needed more help geting up. We went to town and Mr. Darcy and I went and showered while Mrs. Darcy to the twins to throw rocks and Mr. Wonderful took the older boys to the park to play. I stood a long time in the shower, allowing the heat to loosen up the knots in my back. We ate lunch after Tweedle E told me a story on my arm that involved a dandy lion. He did a really good job telling it.

Fter luch we went to walk around Red Rock Canyon, then we hiked to Blakiston falls. That is an easy hike and Mr. Wonderful stayed with me the whole time to make sure I was ok. I had to do the hike two other pregnant ladies had come out and looked fine. I needed to prove that I was just as tuff. My bet is that they were not sleeping on an air matress at night. I did good and tryed not to push it. After the hike we returned to camp and had dinner. Again we retired early. Thankfully here was no wind that night. I did sleep better, but realized up waking that it was a good thing we weren’t staying another night because I don’t think my body could have handled it.

Day Four

Morning broke and so we broke camp, met the Darcy family at the candy store and parted ways from the subway. We got to visit Mr. Wonderful’s parents and sister for a few hours, while the much needed tylenol, that I forgot to pack, started working its magic. We took our time getting home as the weather was crappy. The further north we went the worse it got. Mr. Wonderful made the kids take a bath and started their laundry so they would have something to wear to school. I took a shower a promptly went to bed. How I missed my bed. I slept pretty good but as I said before my back is hurting. I guess thats the price I pay for getting some cool memories. I’m going to go sleep with my magic bag now before I have to go and pick up Tweedle E from school.


2 thoughts on “The Hills Are Alive…

  1. You are one crazy chick! The only camping I did while pregnant was Girl’s Camp (Which is fun because the girls totally spoiled me and my big belly and the other leaders insisted I sleep in a trailer rather than a tent) and the family reunion. I was on an air mattress, and I pretty much hung around the campsite and sat. Except when you and I were bitterly making dinner and cleaning up after everyone. heh

    Sounds like fun overall. Sorry you’re so tired. Hey, how’s the footspa? Does it work well? Or does it completely suck?

  2. you know it really was fun as hell… Well probably more fun that that. I don’t think hell is too fun. You walked like a machine! I was really impressed, amazed, stunned, and surprised that you walked as far as you did…

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