Things Always Look Better In The Morning

I was crying tears of frustration the night of the second flood. I was even experiencing digestive problems the day after because of all the stress, and maybe the fact that I ate crap the day before. The very thought of having the kids sleeping in the living room for a week and all the catch up that would result, for that is what happened with the first flood, was sressing me out.

Mr. Wonderful stayed home from work and spent the day moving furniture, shampooing carpet and positioning the fan to dry the carpet. He also went into the back yard and did some sluthing to figure out what the deal was.

He spoke rationally, unlike me, to the neighbour and the two of them were trying to figure out what happened. Meanwhile I was doing laundry and dishes, the only things I can do right now. You see with the first flood, because he was watering near the house, we thought there was a problem with the foundation. The second flood proved that theory wrong as he had dragged his hose far away from the house to clean the patio furniture. The fact that the flooding only happenes when the faucet is turned on is a plus, for it might just be the tap. *fingers crossed*

I did phone my landlord and we will have the handyman here soon. The carpet is already dry and room doesn’t stink so things are already looking brighter. Tonight Mr. Wonderful and Mr. Darcy are taking all of the extra furniture and stuff to be junked, out of this small place, and now there is a corner in the room prepared to bring in baby stuff.

Due to te stressful weeks, I decided to take my self out for breakfast today and it was nice. I had a full hour of quiet and I ate a decent meal that I didn’t have to cook or clean up after. Now if I could just keep my pants up so that my capri pants look like capri pants.


5 thoughts on “Things Always Look Better In The Morning

  1. I’m so glad things are looking better today. I hope this gets resolved permanently, and SOON!

    And I know what you mean about keeping your pants up. With Little Red I couldn’t keep my shirts down to cover my belly, with Early Bird I couldn’t keep my pants up. Either way it was nine months of feeling dreadfully immodest. You’re nearly done though, aren’t you?

  2. So glad that your Mr. Wonderful truly is Wonderful! What a big help! Here’s hoping your landlord will get to the root & fix it asap.
    As for the pants….isn’t it amazing how when one is expecting the pants won’t stay up and the shirt won’t stay down? My sassy sister made some comment to me about this taking place and I haven’t even been drinking!

  3. I really hope that the flood is due to a leaky faucet and a hopefully easy fix.

    I hate how the pants won’t stay up, and as far as the shirts staying down I’ve decided that it’s not that they won’t stay down nearly as much as it that they’re just not long enough. Maybe I have a long torso I don’t know, but only really long fitted tees cover my belly. And as far as the pants, I’ve resorted to only wearing two pairs of capris and one pair of jeans because they don’t leave me with a saggy crotch!

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