32 + Weeks, Sorry no pictures.

Last week I had a glow (or so a mom at school said). This week I’m a bit of a zombie. I have been uncomfortable for days and on tuesday I got an email from baby center that told me I would have trouble sleeping. Glad to know I’m keeping up with the trends. Thankfully my doctor gave me Zantac for my heartburn so I only have problems with acid first thing in the morning (if at all), in stead of all night long. This week was suposed to be a significant weight gain week and I have been really feeling the force of gravity. On sunday night I couldn’t hardly walk and going to the bathroom hasn’t been satisfying at all. I think I should clarify. You know when you have to pee and you sit down and two drops come out. Your sitting there thinking “come on there has to be more.” But no there isn’t anymore. Then when you get up to pull up your pants, you feel this tremendous urge to go again so you sit down, then nothing comes out. Sorry for the visual.

I’ve been told that I still look small and cute. Thank you to everyone who says that, but I don’t feel it. I think there is only a small window of cuteness (at least for me) and it falls between 6 1/2 months and 7 1/2 months. Before that I’m just sick and after I’m so uncomfortable and awkward that I start to question if this is really my body.

I’m still throwing up but only in the mornings now and not every morning. Yay. I think it has something to do with our early rising so I can have the van to take and pick up the kids from school.

On friday last week we purchased our stroller. We are still working on getting a place for the baby to sleep and a car seat. I am really surprised at how much prices for baby stuff has gone up since I was last pregnant, but what should I expect, everything else has doubled in the last 9 years why not baby stuff.

As for the baby, things are progressing normally. I seem to be average in my fundal size and the heart rate is all over from 140 to 160 so good luck guessing the sex by heart rate. About a week ago the baby finally turned from being transverse (head on the left) to being head down, but that brought on the all night heartburn hence the zantac. Tweedle 3 is also moving a lot and has the hicups more often than my other two babes did. I still have no feels as to the sex of the baby, but we do call him, him probably cause thats all we know and we are having troubles with girl names. My boys are pretty sure that tweedle 3 is a boy. They still like submitting silly girl names though. Tweedle D sugested Daffodil to day. My niece said we could use “Valiant December” if we wanted too. She wouldn’t mind if we used her baby name. She is only 7.

Well I’m pretty sleepy and my back hurts now so I’m going to go heat up my “Magic Bag” and get ready to settle in for some Grey’s. I will probably be asleep before the first half hour (of the two hour special) is done. Here is hoping for a restful sleep tonight.



4 thoughts on “32 + Weeks, Sorry no pictures.

  1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to consume copious amounts of Magic Pills during pregnancy? The Magic Bag is comforting but just not quite enough. We could all use a little Magic of some sort.
    Our prenatal instructor told us that pregnant Calgarians don’t actually go through a “nesting” stage but a “nasty” stage….I’m full blown nasty.

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