We’re Off To See The Lizard

Last night was Tweedle D performance in the “Wizard of OZ”. He was in the rainbow choir, where he got to shake his shoulders and sing.

On the way to school yesterday Tweedle D was trying to explain to Tweedle E what the play was about while periodically throwing in a line or two from some of the songs. He explained who Dorthy met along the way and what they were missing. He told Tweedle E that she was also trying to get back to “Candace”. Then they finished the conversation with the song “We’re off to see the wizard…” but Tweedle E would say “Lizard”. Then they would laugh and laugh like it was the smartest, funniest thing in the world.

The production last night was good and since its a combined Junior high/ Elementry in a well to do area they had some really good privately trained singers. One of the only disappointing things was every time I went to take a picture someone would stand up or move in front of Tweedle D so the pics aren’t very good. He had fun and I guess thats what really matters and wow can that boy shake his shoulders.


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