Burning In The Bosom.

In honor of reaching my 28 weeks my “growth” has decided to enter me into the brave new world of Heart Burn. I can’t complain too much, because I’ve had it worse. With Tweedle D I had it mainly in the first and third trimesters and with Tweedle E I had heart Burn the whole time. (maybe that is why he is such a spit fire). This time however, Tweedle 3 has decided to sit so high that everything I eat causes heart burn and when I delay eating I get heart burn. I can’t do the tums thing because I will throw up. Right now I chew have a rolaids soft chew and I seem to be ok for few hours, but the flavor is getting old fast.


2 thoughts on “Burning In The Bosom.

  1. One of my best friends swears that heartburn is related to the amount of hair on the baby’s head when they’re born.

    Maybe that’s why I have baldies?

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