Another List.

Things That Make Me Happy:

1. Talking on the phone with my sister.
2. Clean Laundry
3. Finding Mr. Wonderful’s papers that he lost.
4. Clean Dishes
5. Naps

Things That Make Me Not So Happy:

1. My house is still a mess after I got off the phone (procrastination)
2. Having to fold and put away laundry.
3. A living room that looks like a tornado hit it because I was looking for papers that were needed RIGHT NOW! Funny I found them where he looked a month ago, and only after I cleared off part of the book shelf.
4. Dishes are never done. (I’ve ran 4 loads and washed by hand 2 others in the past two days) I think they are breeding.
5. I’m tired because I can’t sleep.

I think I should just do what I did almost all last week and just leave my house and pretend its not there. Avoidance is the only way. I’ll just go where someone has a cleaner house and play there.


2 thoughts on “Another List.

  1. Don’t come here then because it’s a nightmare. I’m not kidding. I had a nightmare where instead of turning everything to golf when I touched it everything broke and made a mess instead.

    It was very, very scary and my house hasn’t recuperated since.

  2. I recommend avoidance. Maybe one day while you’re out the domestic goddess fairy will come. (Or, in my case, you’ll have an early labour and the house isn’t clean and your VT will clean it when you go to the hospital and then your FIL will maintain it for the next week and while you’re totally appreciative of their help you’re also embarassed that other people are cleaning your house and it will be just the motivation you need to get it done when at last you’re on your own.)

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