Linky Links

I am working on a post but I thought that I would put this up to tide some of you over. Isn’t it sad how I spend some of my “free time.”

Mom my Ride

Wanting something like this but watching this

Being grossed out by this. warning one “f” bomb.

Thanks to Kerflop and the cleaner plate club for some of my entertainment.


4 thoughts on “Linky Links

  1. HOLY SMOKES…I can’t believe you are already so far along in your pregnancy. Yay for ‘closer to the end than the beginning’!! Funny how time flies when you AREN’T the one who is pregnant eh? Loving on those diaper bags…I bought one off ebay too, now I can’t remember the brand but I love it (and it is “manly” enough for Big to carry around according to him…LOL). Are you all set up for baby stuff other than the diaper bag?


  2. I laughed SO hard at the “Mom My Ride” thing. Too true, too true. And I’m totally grossed out, thank you very much Jamie Oliver. Chicken nuggets are one of the few things I can get my kids to eat, and now I’m not so sure I want that in my house anymore! Blech!

    I’m bored and have sick kids today. I think you should call me. 😉

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