Brain Drain

You remember that comercial (PSA) that had a hand holding an egg with a voice over that said “This is your brain.” Then the hand would crack the egg and fry it up in a frying pan, with the following comentary “This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?”

Well right now I feel all fried and I haven’t been on any drugs. Perhaps they should have a PSA for pregnant women. One that might say “this is your brain.” then perhaps they could borrow the American Express slogan “Don’t leave home without it.”

Today I went pursut of some baby stuff via consignment stores. I went to the old faithful, Once upon A Child, only to watch my stroller for a second time roll right out the door. I saw a few other things but talked myself out of them. I then decided to go try another store. Now this is where my brain fails me. I forgot that I mix up the names of some of the stores and well my Onstar friend (I don’t really have onstar, I have a cell phone that connects me to a friend with the internet and a phonebook.) wasn’t able to help me because I forgot that I mix up names and how was she supposed to know? Anyway after drowning my sorrows in Mc Ronchies, Tweedle E and I decided to go home. I looked up the stores and sure enough I was right next to one when I phoned her but because I mix up names I looking for a different store, on the wrong side of the street.

I’m not ususally this messed up with directions or names, so I find this very discouraging. So now when I say Growthpurtz I mean Spoutz Kidz and hopefully the act of typing it out will form an engram in my head so that I can retain this info. Just so you know there is a medical explanation, or so I am told, that explains this phenomenon. All the oxyginated blood is flowing to the baby and away from my brain. Its like my brain is on basic life support, only functioning barely enough to sustain the essentials like Breathing, eating, pooping and heart functions. Apparently cognitive abilities aren’t essential for life.


5 thoughts on “Brain Drain

  1. I remember a few yrs back watching a Dr. on TV explain that women’s brain’s physically shrink while they are pregnant (but do return to normal size postpartum)…my thought then was I can never get pregnant as I need every cell I have!! One would think we pregnant Mom’s would be smarter because now we have two brains. *Sigh* I commiserate with your new found dislexia of sorts.
    If you’re ever really far south check out Huckleberry Kids in Copperfield…it’s great too.

  2. I hope it doesn’t take a long time to return to normal size, I don’t know if my family could survive. Poor Tweedle D has been late with every homework assignment, and school function/ fundraising due to my inability to be on top of things. He has had to miss out on a few things because I forget.

  3. Oh I sure hope it doesn’t take long to regain brain function! I don’t remember when I stopped being stupid after Little Red was born, but I do think it’s worse this time around. I can totally comisserate with you. I’d send you some brain cells, but I’m on my last one — sorry!

  4. Aargh! You’ve let the secret out! We DO actually get smarter as our children grow up because we aren’t having more babies after awhile! You’ve broken the “Mom code of Silence” No pic–but “Real Moms” keep these secrets from their kids–at least until said children confess their ignorance and their Mom’s greatness!

  5. I know I’ve been spacey lately, I try to make lists (and that’s usually my husband’s job) but what I’ve noticed the most this time around is how clumsy I am. Not tripping and falling but just constantly dropping things! It’s killing me.

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