Ok this isn’t the first time I have cooked, obviously. It is the first time I have cooked this pregnancy with out Mr. Wonderful home to finish it up in case I get, well you know, sick of the smells and all. My kids are having a hard time adjusting because they pretty much have been spoiled and I have lost all authority. Tweedle D, from the moment he got home from school, has been badgering me to order out or take them to a restaurant. Earlier in the pregnancy I would have, and if today I wasn’t doing O.K. I would have. But I went shopping on tuesday and actually made a meal plan so I have to stick to it.

This is so hard.

We were going to have taco salad, but I cannot brown hamburger or anyother ground meat right now, so I am baking salmon and steaming rice. That way I don’t have to stand over it and stir and smell. In about 20 min. I will be pulling out a pot and boiling some water for green beans. Lets hope the fish smell doesn’t get me.


7 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. Ugh, sometimes when it’s just me and Red and I know I’m not cooking for my husband, we have fresh fruit and toast for supper. If I feel we need the protein I’ll make some hard boiled eggs or put extra peanut butter on the toast. I applaud your efforts!

  2. I should have done it your way. Now I feel gross and the house smells like fish. The boys hated it and hardly ate anything. None of it tasted good, but i think my taste buds are screwed up right now. Next time I will plan for easy peasy. I only did this because I haven’t had fish in a while (before I got prego) and was thinking I needed those healthy fatty acids.

  3. You’re doing a great job, even if it didn’t go as well. What did I do the entire pregnancy with Parker? Ate fast food, because I liked the taste of it and it didn’t require me to make anything. The price for that? 6 months later and the world thinks I’m pregnant with #4. So you just keep doing what you can and don’t worry about it. I wish I had tried harder.

  4. One of my favorites, because it was a smell that didn’t get to me, was to buy a small turkey and just fling it in the oven to bake all day. the smell isn’t overpowering (well, I didn’t find it so, but all noses are different), it was easy and turkey is supposed to be one of the healthiest things for pregnant women. Not to mention I LOVE turkey and any excuse to eat it aside from Thanksgiving is always welcome. You could do a whole chicken the same way.

  5. Or buy a roasted chicken and some potatoe salad? Sometimes the smell of the pre-cooked chickens stinks to me, but it keeps the family fed with little to no effort!
    And we eat a TON of peanut butter and cheese…but not together.

  6. Way to go with the healthy fatty acids. So long as you were able to eat it, that’s good. Sometimes kids can get by on toast and peanut butter. (If they will eat flax bread, it has healthy fatty acids too.)

  7. As the Queen of Heaving here are my secrets: eat whatever you can keep down. Feed young children lots of fresh foods: carrot sticks, broccoli, cauliflower and of course tomatoes! They won’t eat tomatoes–try with a little sugar [or Splenda for the diabetic types] Sandwiches are great. Apples, oranges. You get the picture.

    Need hot food? That’s what Cambells is for. In a worst case scenario–I could not use the oven or stovetop in the house where we lived when pg with Erica. We came home from school, dad cooked while I napped until the cooking smells were out of the house.

    All my kids were born healthy. Oh, and drink as much milk as possible–both Mom and baby need it for their teeth. I hate milk, but real milkshakes worked out OK, as did cold cereal,and one of my sure signs of pregnancy was that my tolerance for milk was much higher!

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