The Name Game.

Let it be know that on this rare occation I am making a conscious choice to reveal my children’s first names. After this post I will go back to using their pseudonoms. I realize I am taking a chance but for the effectivenesss of the post I must reveal the names. Really I have not lost my mind. Besides all of you know their names anyway.

The other day I was having a chat with one of my friends about naming our children. You know the difficulty of coming up with a name that both parents like. My husband and I have unlimited veto power due to past relationships and general dislike. The last thing you want to do is run into an ex and introduce them to your new baby and have them walking away thinking “Wow they are still pining after me so much they named their baby after me.” A situation that is more likely to happen to my husband then me seeing as I have only dated a grand total of 5 people in my life (including my early teenage hand-holding years). I think that is why the Good Lord has blessed us with boys.

For us, the most difficult part of naming our child is coming up with the first name. The middle names seem to be a breeze for we give them family names and the last name, well you are just stuck with that one. When I was younger I planned on marrying someone with a last name that began with “A” so my initials would spell ALLA (pronaounced allah). I know, I was young and stupid and thankfully things did not work out as I planned, but as each senario has both good and bad. The name that I got removed all potential for first names begining with the letter “B”. Hey sometimes you have to make sacrifices, but what kid wants to be called B.S. for the rest of his life? Sometimes I still lament the loss of the letter “B”. My oldest boy was going to be a Benjamin.

When I was pregnant with our first child, we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl. We used to sit in Chapters (a canadian book store not unlike Barns and Noble) reading the name books. We also would stay up nights and suggest names. Everyone got in on the fun too. My mother-in-law pulled out her family history books, and people at work had a list they could add their suggestions too. Finally one night, whilst sitting with my sister and my husbands brother, we got the name Dakota. We had already agreed on a the name Kennedy if we had a girl. Just so you know we have since changed our minds about Kennedy so feel free to use it.

The story is much different for our second son. My husband had pretty much picked out his name before I was even pregnant. I remember him being on “chat” with his family and he said he liked the name Ethan James. My son became an Ethan but the middle name is different. I however didn’t care for the name Ethan but my husband was so insistant, or I was not caring so much. I don’t remember. I am now ok. with his name, thanks to a nice english doctor. I decided that everone had to say his name with an english accent.

Now I have said before that coming up with the first name is the hardest part, the second hardest part is dealing with all of the comments from friends and family once you have chosen the name. With Dakota, I got comments like “Can I call him Cody?” while pulling a face. With Ethan, two of my sisters were a bit annoyed because they wanted to use that name. Every once in a while, one sister brings it up that I stole her boy name and I am constantly reminding that sister I didn’t like the name. So this time around we (or I) have decided not to tell people the names we have chosen. We have a boy name picked out and are still struggling with a girl name. We are still open to suggestions but don’t feel slighted if we don’t choose your name.


11 thoughts on “The Name Game.

  1. I thought I remembered when Dakota was first born that I was told he would be called Cody. Which is a perfectly fine name. But I like Dakota. And that is who he is. Not Cody. And I always loved the name Ethan.

    You could go with the next letter in the alphabet: F. If a boy, how about Ferndinand? Or Franz? If a girl, I think Fiona or Felicia. Of course, Felicity would actually be really nice!! Okay, I don’t actually think you should use Ferdinand or Franz, so I’m going to suggest, uh, Wynton. Yup. Go for the famous trumpet player names: Wynton, Miles, Louis, Arturo, Chris, Claudio, Jon, or Thelonius. If Mr. Wonderful wants to stick with his own band instrument, how ’bout Charlie?

    I think it’s a great idea to keep the name a secret from everyone until birth. I learned that the hard way. 😉

    Your right we did say D could be called Cody, but that was only after my dad and grandfather made comments. I even have it in his baby book, but we don’t call him that and he isn’t a Cody. I don’t even think he’ll answer to it although he will answer to stanger versions of his name.

    I kind of wanted to use F for the next one but I’m not finding any F names that stand out to me as something I would want to name my child. However we have on my mom’s side the Fredrika (Danish) now that’s one you don’t hear everyday except my sis. makes fun of her niece who is named that on her in laws side and I don’t think I could do that to my child, but then again I named my oldest Dakota.

    The big problem for me is on my side WE (apparently) are name stealers. Grudges are held, thankfully not so tightly, but it does come up. So we as sisters that are having kids have opted to shut our mouths and get over ourselves. That way there will be no grudges.

  2. When we named our son (before he was born, I mean, when we had picked out the name) I was certain he would be referred to by his first two initials. Then when I “met” him the first time, it became clear to me that he would never be referred to by his initials. That simply wasn’t him. I guess I never had the problem of family politics to contend with — although we had considered Gordon (“Gordie” is such a fine Canadian male name) but my mother had strong associations with her uncle Gordon so we thought better of it.

    The same thing happened with my oldest on both counts. To appease the family we came up with “normal” nicknames and I even tried them out for a while and wrote them in his baby book, but they weren’t him and were soon abandoned. At work they thought my names were to American (Dakota and Kennedy) so I asked them for some Canadian names. When I got back to my desk the list had Molson on it. Couldn’t get more Canadian than that. I admit I was tempted, but since we don’t drink and having to deal with the politics earlier, I just decided that that wouldn’t be a good fight to have.

  3. Sorry girly, I can’t help you, we’re still drafting our own list. We asked Little Red in the hospital what his name was and we’ll likely do the same with #2. But, like you, even if we did decide on a name in advance of the birth, it would be kept under top security until the birth. I’ve seen that go awry too many times.

    Good luck on the Name Game!

  4. I think that felicity is a good name although I came across the name fergus the other day with a friend when she was looking to name her dog. I loved that one as soon as I heard it. But alas knowing you I don’t think you would go with fergus. I like the name Tristen for a girl. It has to be spelt with the “en” ending not the “an” ending. I love the name Jacob but that doesnt sound like you anyway. How about savannah or Samuel. I love Samuel. I love old names like Emma Ethan Sarah Grace Rebecca oliver Michael nathan elijah I know someone who named their child Jaxen James or jayden joshua jared alexana(girl) mikalen(girl) samantha anyway hope that helps. I do like the name dean….I new a girl names dean too. how about benson(boy) or bailey(girl)Have to go or I could go on and on.

  5. I’m back how about madaline i said mikalen but that is pronounced mic-kay-lan I really like that name. What about Jennifer or Alyson or Melissa or Carrie or Kimberly? Maybe even Elise or Carter or Amy or Abby-I really like Abby or Owen or Sadie how about Kate just Kate..or Autumn or Natalie or Hanna or Elizabeth or Rachel or Lucy-i really like Lucy so cute! I think I am out of Ideas for now I will come back with more. I love some of those names. My favorite ones that go with you last name are for girls Mikalen, Abby,Elise,Kate,Sarah that one goes the best with your last name,Sadie,samantha and Lucy…..for boys-I thought of more Jack and Max so cute. Well Have fun

  6. My hubby only likes one name for a girl. Sarah. And it is a name I would never pick. Especially if this is my one and only girl. We have a TERRIBLE time picking names. We don’t agree on anything. I’ve given up for the moment…

    Ethan is still stuck on the name Sarah for a girl, but my husband has vetoed it. He used to hang out with a girl named Sarah (didn’t date) but just before we got married he got a letter from her telling him why he is making a mistake in marrying me and not pursuing her. If we ran into her, he wouldn’t want to give her any ideas.

  7. I hear you on the last name ending in S. You know though both of my sisters in law were B.S. until they were married. I don’t think it bothered them too much. But I tend to stay away from B names for the same reason.

    I’m having a really hard time coming up with names this time around too. Nothing seems to fit or jump out at me, or if I find one I tend to like my husband shoots it down. I have given up for the time being as well. I thought that after today it would be easier to narrow down a name but alas our little one didn’t cooperate during the ultrasound so we still don’t know to think of girl or boy names.

    Because you have such a fun last name I would tend to lean towards A, B, C, D, E, F, G names. Because they can have cool “written” nicknames.

    I almost have Dakota’s name down to symbols. D’ coda sign then the last name. His uncle made a shirt for him and he wore it to school. Unfortunately the music teacher had to be told what it ment. She didn’t get it right away. I guess that makes me a music geek.

  8. In a family as big as ours there are bound to be duplicates, thankfully no one in my family minds if there are. Paul and I simply chose the names we liked the best, focusing mainly on family names, and praying about it a lot too. For each child we wanted something that they would like as well as be an example to them. Two of our kids names hadn’t been used, but two of them have. The neices with the same names think it is pretty cool. 🙂

  9. Mighty hard coming up with those names. I think it is really smart not to reveal, because everybody has an opinion. For our first one, we considered the name Ruby Pearl — after a grandmother on my husband’s side, and one on my side. I COULD NOT BELIEVE how rude people were when I told them we were considering the name. Shockingly rude. Appalingly rude. We were much more careful the second time around…

    I have a Ruby Pearl on my Father’s side. What are the odds?

  10. Just tell everyone you are going with Xerxes. Say it with a straight face for 9 months–or as long as you have left. Then when you announce the ‘real’ name you won’t get lots of guff. In our family, Someone always complains. “That isn’t a real name,” is her favorite [and yet they have ALL been real names, generally after real people.
    If you go with a certain type of name for most of your kids, stick to the theme with each one so no one feels left out. I still say tell everyone Xerxes. The beauty of it–it doesn’t go with anything! And it is unarguably a ‘real’ name 🙂

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