I Don’t Do Mornings

Truthfully right now I don’t really do anything. It doesn’t help that I got my bed on saturday. I had the most awsome sleep on saturday night that I decided to spend most of the day in bed sunday (except for church and dinner) Close to 19 hours. Do you know what 19 hours in one position does to a pregnant lady? Lets just say not a happy person make. If I was smart I would have got up and walked around for a few minutes every two hours. Isn’t that what you are supposed to do when your working? Well I’m making a baby 24/7 I think that’s work.

Well back to my mornings thing. I find my most productive times are between 10am and noon. That only leaves me two hours minus the time I take to pick up my son from kindergarten. So lets say I have an hour hand a half. All I want to do, during that time, is relax and decompress from the morning rush. After I pick up the boy, I make lunch (or buy it shame on me) and then its nap time or run around time. Then I have to pick up my other son and then my husband from work so… That’s where the problem is. My house is a mess and I can’t stand it, but my husband and I are too tired to do anything about it. Today I did managed to get my enrgy filled boys to unload the dishwasher and mostly loaded it. Tweedle E put some laundry away before I read him and Tweedle D a story, but that doesn’t happen everyday.

I’m not looking for suggestions or sympathy. I know I’m pregnant and things won’t be like this forever blah, blah, blah. The thing is I keep hearing Dr. Phil say “how’s that working for ya?” and I keep saying “It’s not.” Then there is the definition of insanity. You know the one where you keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result, thats me, insane. I think I need to get over my policy of not doing mornings, but I really like sitting on my ever-widening butt. Then there is my bed. My soft, welcoming, cushy, bed and my new clean room that has been reorganized for said bed. When I’m in there I can get all cosy, and sprall out and use the remote for the tv that has been positioned so that I can see it from every angle. If I stay in my room then I can pretend that the house is clean, but alas I have to got to the bathroom sometime, and one can only survive 3 days without food and water so… there is Dr. Phil again.

“Shut up Phil, I know it’s not working”.

7 thoughts on “I Don’t Do Mornings

  1. I hear ya about the not moving thing. I was stuck in a car for 14 hours on Thursday AND Sunday. When I couldn’t feel my tailbone and my feet were starting to swell I knew I was ready to be done.

    I SO don’t do mornings, either. I would love to just stay in my bed all day, but alas there are things that must be done. When we left at 4:30am on Sunday, my husband knew better than to even talk to me. He said that I finally got pleasant around 12:30pm. I told him, “it’s like that every day, you just don’t see it, and the earlier the kids wake up the worse it is.”

    “This too shall pass.”

  2. Maybe you could work out an exercise plan that would include Yoga or something that would allow you to soak up every moment in your new fandangled bed. Maybe you and Mr. Wonderful could figure out a game that you could play in bed… No Wait! That is what got you in this whole mess to begin with

  3. Enjoy it while you can. As long as you can close doors, there are parts of the house that need not exist. Let’s be honest…your “lazy” time will come to an abrupt end, so again I say, enjoy. Let the Tweedles know you need their help.

    Now what kind of bed is this again? Just asking.

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