23+ Weeks

For those not keeping count this is my third pregnancy and if things go as planned I will have three children. I know every pregnancy is “different” but this one has been hard for me to attach myself too. The puking, truthfully, isn’t as bad this time as they were previous times. I think my tollerance is lower because I’m older.

The early part was hard because not only was I unbeliveably ill, but every week I had an ultrasound because they either did or didn’t see something. From week 6 to week 18 they saw bleeding (though I was symptomless) that might lead to misscarrage. The last time I went everything was fine so I started to relax. Then one week I had spotting and all confidence left me. I personally have never had a misscarrage and am really afraid of having one, but there is family history. I have two sisters with fertility problems and sometimes I think I’m just waiting for the other “shoe to drop”. They each have two kids and their problems arrived at different times. Is it my turn? I know their reality isn’t mine but I sometimes can’t help but wonder.

Presently things are progressing positively and although I am still sick (not everyday) I am not having complications. The baby is moving a lot and Mr. Wonderful has felt the movement. He is relaxed and fine about the whole thing, but yesterday I realized that I was almost 6 lunar months along. I was surprised how quickly time had passed and how really unprepared I am. I have nothing except for a few blankets and 3 sleepers I kept for the boys to look at. Now that pregnancy “is the new black” I find there are more innovative things that have been invented for baby that I didn’t have the previous two times around and with that everything is WAY more expensive.

I plan on parousing the bargin finder, and garage sales when the season comes, but there are a few things I really want. I want a super fanastic stroller. Last time around I only spent $69.00 on a mini stroller with mini wheeles. I used it all the time and took it offroading and all of the wheeles now sit at a 45 degree angle. Not so safe. Enough about my wants though as I said I’m still a bit in denial.I can’t spend money until I am sure things are ok despite no evidence to the contrary right now.

I don’t remember being this uncomfortable the previous times. I have felt heavy even though the baby only weighs a pound and my hips and pelvic area are in constant pain making it hard to walk. I’m hoping the new bed, that is coming SATURDAY, will help with that pain. Lets hope my attitude improves along with my sleep when this bed comes. Am I expecting too much? Probably, but I did pick the super fantastic bed of all fantabulousness and paid a pretty penny for it.


9 thoughts on “23+ Weeks

  1. Just remember that your baby could now survive outside of your womb. If you did develop complications at this point in your pregnancy, your baby would most likely be fine. My daughter was born at 29 weeks, but was the size and developmental stage of a 24 week baby. I know for a fact that your baby would be fine. Start your plans… it is time πŸ™‚

    You’re right april it is time but I keep thinking what if I have to return all of it. Who wants to go through that? I know I need to get over myself. Its not that bad.

  2. April’s comment makes me feel even more guilty that I have only 5 weeks left and I haven’t even bought a car seat yet! Things will work out, Alyson, don’t worry. Once you get that fantastic new bed (only two more days, right?) you might have a whole new perspective on life. Even if you don’t, things will still work out, and all your baby really needs is diapers and milk anyway. πŸ˜‰ (That’s my theory.)
    I’m glad you’re starting to feel better. I made a big turn at the halfway point, too.

    I have some coupons for diapers and I have contemplated getting a bunch before the baby comes. I think I might start with that, but i mostly need to make room. We live in a two bedroom right now.

  3. I keep thinking I’m going to send you all of our stuff, in case you have another boy. I don’t want to have another baby for many years, and yes, I hope it’s a girl so I will buy nothing but pink frilly things. Anyway, I was telling my VTs that I wanted to send you stuff, but they said that’s a surefire way for me to get pregnant again… AND it would be another boy.

    The point of all this rambling? You’ll get your stuff before you need it. Even if Mr. Wonderful has to run out and buy a carseat while you are in recovery. We didn’t have any newborn clothes for Aiden until the day I went into labor with him. We just happened to find a “baby sale”, bought several outfits, and a few hours later I went into labor. Natalie once told me that she went into labor only after she had everything ready and her hospital bag packed (for when she had Liam, I guess). And in a worse case scenario… you could borrow something from Rachel, maybe?? OH! And you do have at least ONE outfit already… go Sun Devils. Hee hee.

    I’m glad the pregnancy is going well. I’ve been worried, and I definitly don’t want you to have to go through a miscarriage or any kind of loss. We keep praying for yours and the baby’s health. I’m sure Mr. Wonderful is right, though, and everything is just fine.

    Sorry for the epistle. Just can’t shut up.

    You should listen to your visiting teachers. I have been slowly getting rid of stuff over the years but I think the last bundle to leave was around May of last year. I got pregnant in September

  4. Mrs. Maaaahvelous and I have both been complaining about how crappy we feel this pregnancy. And neither of us have as much to feel bad about as you do. Maybe it’s because we’re all over 30! (I expected to feel a lot last time, but thought this one would be a breeze – haha).
    If you have a boy, you get a ton of clothes from me! If it’s a girl, well, we all must go shopping =)

    Sounds like you need to have a baby shower! That can be arranged…

    p.s. The bed will feel like heaven. Only problem, you’ll still have to get out of it once in a while.

  5. I am in full agreement with Mrs. Mittens. Everything seems a little more dramatic & this pregnancy seems different somehow (probably my attitude!). Hang in there, there’s a bit of sunshine somewhere for you!
    When you finally get the urge to shop, don’t forget the consignment stores, there are some great ones out there & I totally got prepared for my firstborn this way & one would never know things weren’t brand new. As for a stroller, I was super picky as wanted one with big wheels & that the front wheel fully pivots 360 degrees and found it at Zellers of all places (Avalon $160), there was NO WAY I was spending $500 + on a stroller. Any suggestions for a double one? I’m not sure what to do there.
    And most importantly…if anyone offers to hold a baby shower for you…go for it! Let people celebrate and don’t talk yourself out of it. All babies are miracles and deserve a celebration!

  6. You could try joining Freecycle. There’s always lots of baby stuff being given away. And if you post a WANTED listing, people will know you are looking for baby items. (You just have to be careful to discreetly specify that things should come from a non-smoking home, because as much as you think you can wash stuff, smoke doesn’t wash out easily.)

  7. All the above advice was excellent [especially your VT’s] but every pregnancy IS different. With my second, I was so upset and worried that I talked to my Dr about it. He said that it is not uncommon for 2nd or 3rd time mothers to have these sorts of feelings–usually quite needlessly. As has been pointed out, even if the worst happened, you would not now need to miscarry, but have a premie instead [Cabbage Patch doll clothes are the same size as premie, and when I needed them, much cheaper.] So do what you want to do to get ready, but don’t worry overly much about it, things will fall into place. They always do.

  8. I wish I could send you boy stuff to help out but I don’t have any more. My mom helped me get rid of most of it when my “baby” (who is turning 10 today) was born. Since my only boy is now 18 (nearly 19) I have not had a need for boy clothes for little ones for a LONG time (and it looks like that is the way it is going to stay). I do think of you and pray for a healthy successful pregnancy.

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