An Outing

Today I was feeling well enough to run some erands. I picked up Tweedle E from school, went to the bank, and then the carwash. The carwash was a cheap and a necessary entertainment. The boys love to go to the carwash.

Still haveing some energy we went to the mall. Mr. Wonderful got tipped out today so I got a chance to get pants that actually fit. I think I tried on 9 pairs of pants and found only one pair I liked. While Tweedle E and I were in the change room we fooled around a bit and he tried on the pretend belly. He was laughing pretty hard. I took out the camera and was snapping a picture when the sales lady was asking me how I was doing. Almost busted! Hey we had fun.

I tried to upload pics but it wasn’t working. I’ll try again later. Flickr has them


7 thoughts on “An Outing

  1. Sounds like soooo much fun! Yay for getting new pants! And I think Tweedle E must be having a girl. He’s carrying kind of high. Oh, wait. Does that mean he’s having a boy? I never remember. 🙂

  2. That sounds like fun!
    I’m dying to go maternity shopping, too. I’m so sick of my clothes!!! (but is it a waste to do so when I’m so close to delivery?)
    I’m glad you were feeling well enough to be out, I know that’s been a real struggle for you.

  3. Wow that’s awsome, I want to go maternity clothes shopping too but alas, I am not pregnant. I see those tops in the window though, and think now that is something I could feel comfortable in. Then I realize I am looking into a maternity shop, I really need to start working out.

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