Cough, sneeze, sniff, gag, puke.

I am tired. I am sick. I am sick and tired. Today I woke up with only one working nostril and a sore throat. I would love to take something but I am afraid of taking something that could harm my baby. I pulled out my pocket guide and it suggested Otrivin. But I don’t think I’m that stuffed and in the past it has agrivated my post nasal drip. A side affect that I don’t want because that leads to gagging and puking. What I would really like to do is take some Nyquil and knock myself out but that seems out of the question. As for my sore throat I want to take theses vitamin C throat losenges but they have echinacea in them and I don’t know the stance on pregnancy and echinacea. So I have opted to suffer and in suffering I think I’ll whine. Gee I wonder where my kids get it from? Duh!


Speaking of being sick, I was given a break. Last week I didn’t puke for two whole days. This break just happened to fall on our get away days which was nice. We went to Canmore, a small town just east of Banff. We stayed at the Chateau Canmore. The suite had two rooms. One was a sitting room with a hide-a-bed, tv, microwave and mini fridge. Thats where the boys stayed. Mr. Wonderful and I stayed in the bed room. The bed room had two double beds, a fireplace, and a tv. Because both Mr. Wonderful and I are larger than we were when we got married we each got our own bed. Woohoo!

Our trip wasn’t long enough, but there wasn’t really much we could do because I can’t hike. We got a really good deal on the room regular $125.00. We got it for a steal through the entertainment book. Yay us!


For those of you who were wondering what I did for Mr. Wonderful for valentines day, I bought some helium balloons and went to his work to surprise him. He was surprised and it didn’t cost all that much. Tweedle E had the most fun hiding behind the bar with the balloons and jumping out to surprise him. I’ll post pictures on flickr later. It’s all I can do to update my blog right now.

I think I need to go back to bed.


5 thoughts on “Cough, sneeze, sniff, gag, puke.

  1. Oh Alison, I am so sorry! It is never fun to be sick while pregnant!

    I do have one recomendation though. I went through a very nasty cold while pregnant and my doc had some awesome ideas. For example, rub a little vapo rub on the bridge of your nose just before you go to bed. It gets the vapors closer to your nose, but has a nasty side effect of stinging in the eyes, so if you do it, put it on just before you close your eyes for the night 🙂 I promise it works!

    good luck feeling better!

  2. We’ve got a cold chez nous, too. I recommend Simply Saline. In fact, I’m planning on picking some up this afternoon. I’d send you some, but by the time you got it, you’d be over your cold so I’m sending you some healthy vibes, instead. Hang in there!

    But I’m really glad you had such a wonderful trip! Hooray!

  3. I am so sorry you are sick…. As far as I know the echinacea should be fine though – I’ve taken coughdrops with echinacea when pregnant and was told it was ok – especially being the ammount of echinacea in the cough drops wouldn’t be enough to do anything anyway. But I also took echinacea tablets – which I was told was fine as well. I hope you get feeling better soon.

    I’m glad your trip was wonderful, and that sounds like such a fun Valentine surprise, he must have really loved it. 🙂

  4. Being sick while pregnant must be miserable. I hope you found a way to ease your suffering (something better than whining, I mean — which, while it might be vaguely satisfying, wouldn’t relieve any symptoms.)

    Did you see “Mike from Canmore” while you were there? (That’s an old Air Farce reference. Not sure if you’re familiar with it.),_from_Canmore

    I love Mike from Canmore. I didn’t see him though. My favorite one of his sketches was the one at Christmas time.

  5. Oh I’m so sorry you’re battling a cold while pregnant. I know I haven’t done well with my colds this past month. Seems like every little thing makes me gag then puke, don’t need cold symptoms to add to that. I just suffered through it, I hope your suffering is minimal.

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