Diaper Bag Essentials

I am thinking of making my own diaper bag. I just can’t bring myself to purchase one more bag with teddy bears or ducks on it. Yuck! I also can’t justify spending $125 on a bag we just don’t have the money. Since its been a while since I have had a child in diapers, I am coming to you moms who are practile and stylish for ideas on what I should include in my diaper bag.

What style of bag would you most prefer?

What material would you make it in?

How many pockets?

Long straps or short?

Any matching accesories?

Are there any other stylish ideas you would add?

Please pass this on to anyone else who might have ideas and get back to me. Thanks for all of your help.


8 thoughts on “Diaper Bag Essentials

  1. I really like having a backpack when I’m toting all the kids around. It’s a lot easier to carry. However, it’s sometimes pretty bulky (especially at church where you have ALL those books and crayons and scriptures and extra clothes and snacks and diapers…), and if I’m wearing a kid in a carrier on my back, I feel silly carrying the backpack on my front. Oh, and a backpack just doesn’t look nice at church.

    I also like having seperate openings… one for books and toys, one for diapers and wipes, one (smaller) for my wallet, my iPod, my keys, etc.

    If you aren’t going for a backpack, I like longer straps because I don’t carry it on just one shoulder. I sling it across by body. I have a small bookbag that I use as a diaper bag every now and then (I got it when Aiden was a toddler and I didn’t know I was pregnant with Dallin yet and thought something smaller would be just fine) and I really like it. It’s cool looking. What I don’t like is that there are no pockets for bottles or sippy cups. The cell phone pocket ont he side just isn’t big enough for a sippy cup. Maybe for some bottles, though.

    I would make mine out of nylon or something like that so you can wipe it down super easy. I think that’s what my bookbag is made out of. And it has zippered mesh pockets inside. And a big flap that goes over it with a zippered pocket.

    Oh, and the only accessories I would want is a changing pad and wipes holder. I always wanted one of those things you guys call the football. I like to just grab the changing materials rather than the entire bag most of the time.

    Ummm, I think that’s it. Good luck!!

  2. Ditto on most of Sariah’s points 🙂

    Ok, so my first kid, I bought a diaper bag that was way too big. I didn’t think it was too big, but I found that I filled whatever bag I bought. I hated carting this huge bag all over the place, it looked like a huge bulky diaper bag.

    With my second kid, I got smarter. I bought a much smaller diaper bag and refused to take more than I could fit into it. I learned to get along with much less, and it looked much better. Here is a link to my favorite, and it wouldn’t break the bank. Actually I think it would be cheaper to buy one like this than to even make one…


  3. We always have lugged along a huge diaper bag, or just a plain bookbag to church with us loaded to the hilt with books,paper and crayons for the kids, especially with them all being quite young. Then my sister-in-law did an amazing thing this year for Christmas. She made each kid a personalized small book bag with just their things in it. Now each kid has their own bookbag they can carry, it is awesome! And in Jacob’s we just toss a diaper and some wipes.

    Aside from that, I have found with the more kids I have the less diaper bag I actually need. You know, with the first one, or even two, you take along the whole house. For the longest time now I have used one of those little backpack purses )not really tiny, just average small size, but I have a little zippered black bookbag that is rather stylish that I used when I needed more stuff because I knew I’d be gone a long time. I really like the one April linked to though. 🙂

  4. I personally like having a big diaper bag. Apparently I’m weird. But, my diaper bag is cute. The only thing I would add to make it stylish, is I would have the changing pad match the diaper bag. My diaper bag isn’t actually a diaper bag, though; it is an overnight bag. I have a smaller black diaper bag that is actually insulated (I got it free from Nestle). We LOVE that one too. When Harrison was little it was great because I just needed bottles, diapers and wipes. Now we need toys! Anyway, just my two cents…

  5. I can’t sew worth a darn so I turned to EBAY. I LOVE EBAY….there are some hugely great finds to be found there. The diaper bag that I have and love is a backpack that can convert to a long strapped bag that I can wear across my chest. It has tons of pockets and a vinyl inside which makes it easy to clean out when the wipes/bottle/food jar leaks. It is small enough to fit everything but big enough for me to fit my own bits and bobs in it. Hope that helps.

    PS: I think you should sign up on a registry somewhere (hint hint) so those who may want to you know…browse it…might be able to…


  6. My first diaper bag was a present from my then 13 year old sister-in-law. She made it of terrycloth. I loved that–so easy to wash! It was big enough to hold books, and I suspect it was a book bag pattern [perhaps a home ec project?] But my circumstances were unusual in that I started out with a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old niece and nephew. I had no idea what I needed to carry! So I carried everything for quite a while. I used that diaper bag with all my children. During the years between “families” I used it to hold my piano books that overflowed the piano bench. Somewhere along the line, my faded old worn orange [I do not like orange much.] bag disappeared. [hubby probably threw it away as it turned into a rag.] But I would still use the rag if I had it. Sentimentality in a diaper bag–who knew?

  7. The diaper bag I use all the time (yes, even to church and even -shudder if you wish- when I’m wearing a pink t-shirt) is a red diaperbackpack. It’s made my Zooper but I couldn’t find a link of it so maybe it’s discontinued. It’s a cross-strap diaperbag with only one strap, designed to go across your chest like a messengerbag only because it’s a backpack it’s more secure than a messengerbag. It’s a sturdy canvas, but I believe this style comes in many different materials, just the red canvas was the one on sale for $20 in some boutique in Vancouver which is why I got that one. (Sure didn’t break the bank!) It has mesh pockets on each side and even one on the strap across your chest (I believe designed for a cell phone but as I don’t carry one I use it for my keys or for the pacifier.) It’s simple and not cutesy at all and I love it.
    But now that I’m thinking about it, I really need to wash it.

    Good luck!

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