Quick, put something up before they see your last post.

I hate dealing wih people. It’s not that I don’t like people, I just don’t like dealing with uncomfortable situations especially when I really don’t have any power. All I have gotten is voice mails and my boss wanted this thing done yesterday.
I think when I go pick up Tweedle E from school today, I’m going to go tulip hunting. They have got to be here by now. Karen has had them for weeks.
Mr. Wonderful purchased his piano book on line two days ago so now I have to come up with something else for Valentines day. Any ideas? I sure wish Billy Joel was coming to Calgary. That would be the best present ever.


3 thoughts on “Quick, put something up before they see your last post.

  1. Ha ha ha. I already saw your last post! nanner nanner nanner.

    As far as Valentine’s Day… no idea. I think Ches and I agreed on no gifts this year, but we might have agreed on just making something small and silly. I don’t know. I can barely remember the conversation.

    OH! I know! You could take a ton of your spare change to one of those Coin Star machines and rather than getting cash (and a percentage of it taken away from you), you can get him an iTunes gift certificate or an Amazon gift certificate. I got the iTunes one for my birthday. Ches took a ton of change and Aiden apparantly had fun feeding it into the machine. I got $25 to spend on music. It’s cool. Not as cool as seeing Billy Joel, I’m sure, but it’s still fun.

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