February came in like a lion.

Last night a cold front came in and brought snow. Although I don’t like the cold and accompanying windchill, I do like how clean everything looks. Snow can cover a multitude of sins, at least until the next chinook. I suspect Balzac Billy won’t see his shadow tommorow.


Now that January is done, how are your resolutions (goals) coming along? I manage to do at least one thing a week that I have planned. I try to nap but people who know better keep calling me. Especially on days they have my kids, so I think something is wrong, but there isn’t. You know who you are. As for the laundry, my mountain is down to a very large hill because I’ve mostly been ignoring it. Hey I’m trying to nap.


Good news my stocks went up and as of today’s close I’m a $1.80 from breaking even. That’s the best it’s ever been.


My bed is still not here. I haven’t panicked because they still have 3 more days to call us until I will phone or visit them. Man are my hips sore. I can’t wait. I just hope our sheets fit.


One thought on “February came in like a lion.

  1. Man, am I that far behind that I just now found you on wordpress??? Sheesh, I am slow. πŸ™‚ Well, welcome to the dark side, don’t you just love it here? πŸ™‚ Great job on your goals, at least are getting something done…me on the other hand, I’m getting lots done, just not the stuff I planned on. heh πŸ™‚

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