Ultrasound Update

Thankfully Two Mittens reminded me that I haven’t posted about my ultrasound.

Thursday I went to my appointment, drank my liquid, and arranged for child care while I was at the appointment. (Not in that order). I got there twenty minutes early as per instructions. Pregnant ladies came in after me and judging by their size they were there for the same appointment as I was. One by one they all got called to the back. After waiting 45 minutes I went to the front to ask if there were any problems. The recptionist’s face went red and said they were running behind and it would take about 5 minutes and I will be called. Being my hormonal self I started to cry, not because I was in pain, but just cause. I tried hard to hide it but I don’t think I was that successful. Then after 20 more minutes I was getting mad. My sister was watching my kid and she had plans that I was ruining because I wasn’t there to pick him up. Another 20 minutes went by and I was finally called in.

They were very appoligetic, I was even offered a free video of my baby. They still kept saying there was some “sort of emergency” their words not mine. I think they forgot about me.

The first picture I saw was of a little ball rolling back and forth. No joke! The baby was curled up in a ball and summersalting back and forth. The technician asked me if I wanted to know the sex and I stuck to my guns for a surprise so no I don’t know the sex of the baby and I couldn’t see hardly anything. I do however have a nice video of my alien baby that I got for free. The baby wasn’t the only thing uncoopertaive during the session, my bladder didn’t fill up until the very end. How wierd is that? Not having a full bladder didn’t interfere with the pictures of the baby but there was one shot they had to wait for. Drum Roll please…… my cervix. Yep you drink all that water so they can take a picture of your cervix. That is why they sometimes let you pee half way through.

So there you have it. Thats my ultrsound update. To all you people who found this post by googling cervix. You’re weird.


5 thoughts on “Ultrasound Update

  1. I’m so glad you stuck to your guns (and that’s cool about the free video.) But I’m so sorry you had to wait so long. I had the reverse problem as you when I went for mine, my bladder fills up immediately (I kid you not) so I was crying out of pain. But I, too, was crying in the waiting room. My deepest sympathy for you, and I hope your sister wasn’t too inconvinienced.

    I’m glad your little alien is healthy! That rolling around in a ball thing is pretty cute!

  2. Well at least I am not weird…. I found the post by googling “uncoopertaive summersalting Pregnant little alien baby free video”. I for sure didn’t think that I would find this post.

  3. Alyson,

    That sucks about your ultrasound taking so long to get in — that’s just what every pregnant lady needs, right? I keep thinking about you — maybe I just need to get on the phone and call you…that would be the smart thing to do!

    Okay, expect a call soon 🙂


  4. My worst ultrasound experiences (more than one and previous to Igor the aweful)involved checking my cervix from the INSIDE. That requires a rather personal looking device, and a condom. That’s some special times with your ultrasound tech. I tried not to be mortified!

  5. Two mittens- I had one of those because they couldn’t see my ovaries or the baby in the begining. I agree not the most pleasent thing to encounter.

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