Beta? I thought VHS won years ago

Blogger has beta. What’s so good about beta. I’m no computer geek so I want to know why go beta? Are we all going to have to go beta? Can the beta work with a Mac? I feel like I’m so far behind in the times.


4 thoughts on “Beta? I thought VHS won years ago

  1. Well I can tell you one thing: I’m glad most of my friends are as slow as I am with changing over (did they really think we’d jump a bandwagon right before Christmas?) because I sometimes get accidently signed in from my gmail account if I had just checked my email and there’s no way to change the name from your gmail account to your blogger identity. (run-on much? why yes.) I guess someday I’m going to have to make a special gmail account just for blogger, but that just seems like a pain.

    In the meantime, I’m slow to switch, just like you, and not-so-secretly pleased everytime I leave a comment on a blog not-yet switched over.

    (oh, and my word verification? bsyes. Yes, I agree. My whole comment is bs.) 😉

  2. I took a look at it when it first came out and I do not want to switch. (But I guess eventually we will all be forced to switch.) I have seen some complaints from people who tried to change their blogs over to Beta but they (apparently) have too many posts and photos so Blogger messes up halfway through and tells them they can’t do it. I’ve not yet read anyone who raves about it, and until I do, I’ll stay with the old Blogger.

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